Fall Equinox and Uranus Shift – Week of September 20-26 2017

The promises and the fears of Uranus in Aries, the erratic shifts of the generation, are magnified with Jupiter in opposition (180 deg aspect). An explosive era, with radical and unpredictable extreme events, this final opposition captures and capitalizes on the success and failures. Not only the Emmy awards, but in totality the hopes and fears of the decade are revisited this week. The great recession, the great recovery, many firsts in political leadership, the extreme weather, and the fires throughout the western states all occur within a decade, and not over yet.  From July 2010 to March 2018 Uranus travels Aries. It has often been a rather harrowing roller-coaster ride. While the seeds of this era were planted with Uranus in Pisces, they became fully exposed in the past 8 years.  Jupiter was conjunct (close in longitude) to Uranus in Aries (centrifugal motion) in March 2010, and now opposes (180 deg longitude) Uranus from Libra. Barack Obama was POTUS from 2009- 2017 covering much of this era. He dealt with the major issues of the time, modernizing and responsible for security. We hope the next 8 years will be as successful. However, we are off to a rough start. With the Uranus ingress (the sign deg longitude) to Taurus in March 2018, the fixedearth sign (centripetal motion), we could be subject to more moderate or earth-bound disruption.

Summary of major aspects of the week

Wednesday September 20th – At the culmination of the New Moon phase, the lunar orb leaves the stellium (five planets in a sign) in Virgo and moves into Libra. A consensus of opinion sends an emissary to meet with Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter is the synthesizer, the enhancer, and in Libra the seeker of balance.  Someone will have to answer to perceived irresponsibility. It is clearly the beginning of a new phase in the UranusJupiter cycle, and that means more unprecedented actions.  Lessons will have to be learned. On a more positive side of this equation, the enhancement of the voice of the media (Libra) and public opinion’s analytic responses could ultimately be the determination of the tone of remainder of the cycle. The Sun in Virgo, in a quincunx aspect (150 deg longitude) to Uranus elevates the critical comments to have a more lasting effect. 

Thursday September 21st – The lunar aspects today include a quincunx (150 deg problematic) to Neptune in Pisces, square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Pluto in Capricorn, and a sextile (60 deg friendly) to Saturn in Sagittarius. A power-conflict (Moon square to Pluto) is accompanied by the disturbing rhetoric or display, expressed by more philosophical authorities. With Ceres in Cancer square to Uranus and to Jupiter, the opposing (180 deg tense) planets of note, to form a T-square configuration, voices of the guardianship of the feminine nature and stature in society rebuke brutal contempt.  This is an aspect that has been building over time, and will continue to affect the events of the near future. The aspect could indicate an opportunity to raise the level of social discourse and to expose some root injustices.  

September 22 2017
Fall Equinox

Friday September 22nd – The Moon’s conjunction (close longitude deg) with Jupiter [see image above] by transit in Libra, and opposition to Uranus in Aries, brings into the open matters that were under the surface, reversing some decisions and forcing others in an unexpected or unanticipated way. Violent protests reach a height. With Mars opposed (180 deg tension) to Neptune, the efforts may be disbanded (Neptune disperses forces or blocks). Mercury trine (120 deg aspect) to Pluto in earth signs, perhaps a good time for introspection, and a deeper understanding of events and personal issues that are brought out. Serious communications can be effective today. There may also be community celebrations, raised to a higher level. The final point of the equinox is reached in the afternoon, US times, at the Sun ingress (transits 0 degree of the sign) to Libra. The Moon enters Scorpio at the equinox.

Saturday September 23rd– The Moon in Scorpio is sextile (60 deg, friendly) aspect to Venus and then sextile to Mars in the morning hours, giving a sense of unified feelings across genders. Deeper contentment is possible now. We have a greater sense of solidarity, as the trine  (120 deg , flowing) to Neptune from the Moon unifies concerns. The sextile aspect (60 deg friendly) to Pluto from the Moon near the day’s end can reveal our innermost wish or secret desires. A chance to regenerate health and relationships exists if we can be open to sharing dreams.

Sunday September 24th – The Scorpio Moon is sextile (60 deg, friendly) to Mercury early in the day, as practical ideas are expressed, hopefully receiving constructive criticism, as the trine (120 deg, flowing) to Chiron quincunx (150 deg, irritant) to Uranus and trine to Ceres complete the day with constructive actions and ease of insight, as upsetting news can be smoothed over with wisdom and experience.  The Sun in Libra prefers peace and attempts to balance extremes are made. Jupiter, doubly approaching the close opposition (180 deg longitude) to Uranus and quincunx (150 deg, irritant) Chiron sees the good in everything. Ceres transits into Leo today, taking up new responsibilities in the arena of service.

Monday September 25th – With the Moon in Sag, a fire sign, a more aggressive approach can be successful with the sextile aspect to the Sun in Libraair sign.  A balance can be sought between political and reality.  Mars pulls away from the opposition to Neptune, as the situation calms. The Moon’s square aspect to Venus in Virgo could leave some without assistance and another growing crisis, as the Moon then is square to Neptune and Mars.  The Jupiter opposition to Uranus brings heights of communal actions, helping to integrate the disturbances, while other interruptions electronic interference, are detected. 

Tuesday September 26th – More is exposed about covert surveillance in campaign issues, giving more access to discoveries. There could be also new electronic devices made available with Jupiter opposition to Uranus (180 deg tense aspect). Inventions, discoveries that benefit interaction and communication are likely with the UranusJupiter aspect. Also, an increased surveillance of social or community groups is likely now.  Moon in a square aspect (90 dg harsh) to Mars and Neptune holds the balance of the T-square configuration.  Intelligence gathering (Neptune in Pisces) methods (Mars in Virgo) may be subject to more legislation (Moon in Sag).  Moon conjunct Saturn later in the day as we are more focused on authoritative (Saturn) philosophy or religious practice (Sagittarius) or judgments from court rulings (Saturn in Sagittarius).  Thoughts turn inward in contemplation of life experiences.  

Hope you have a fun and safe week!

Jerusalem, Israel
September 19, 2017

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