December Wind-up – January Breeze thru March 2015


December’s major astrological events, Jupiter turning retrograde on the 8th and Uranus turning direct on the 23rd, also include the transit of Mars into Aquarius on the 5th and Saturn into Sagittarius on the 24th of December. Jupiter‘s lengthy stay at 22 deg Leo and finally moving in the reverse through the zodiac (from Earth‘s perspective) is at 21 deg Leo on New Year’s Day.

As though a new tone is set for the year, Jupiter is opposed by Mars at 21 deg Aquarius on January 1st socializing is favorable in this opposition, as there is goal directed action in a community of fellowship and good-will.  A conflict (opposition) between direct action and socializing, can add spice to the day. Also, on the same day, the Moon in Gemini opposes Saturn at 0 deg Sagittarius. We are prone to chatter and that means inquisitiveness ( Moon in Gemini) and there is as well, some doubt (Saturn) as the new year dawns. The individual (Mars) can relate to peers, and some heroes may be noticed in the crowd. Surely, reinventing oneself is a form of transition, finding one’s way in the new landscape, be it in the political or social world. All seem to be present on New Year’s Day.

Saturn in Sagittarius is no longer in mutual reception with Pluto as it was throughout the transit of Scorpio. We could find that, therefore, the political and legal powers become disengaged. The police force, the power and regulating systems are being challenged by the larger citizenry. Democracy, as a Uranian, and thereby Aquarian institution, must be true to its values, or it no longer exists. Pluto in Capricorn is disposed of by Saturn. However, Saturn is disposed of by Jupiter in Leo. Power to the People!

Saturn, meanwhile, in Sagittarius, is digging into a narrow-minded philosophical viewpoint. The facts are relevant to a philosophical persuasion. The Uranus -Pluto square aspect, that was exact on December 15, although has been operating and an influence for several months, in fact, since May 2013, will be less powerful, until March, when Uranus finally catches up in the conflict. Pluto could represent the underdog or the dispossessed nation, while Uranus is the revolutionary force. Pluto‘s flip side is the power that controls, especially in Capricorn, and a dominant force . The gathering demonstrations protest police violence while also inviting it. The shooting and killing of unarmed black men is the result of a mentality that is ingrained the the subconscious mind of the police. Sub-cultural conduct differs in some respect to the dominant culture when dealings with the cops.

The Man is the Man. The black citizen has learned to fear the Man while in the white culture, learns to show respect and compliance in the face of the police. The Black citizen’s response to police presence, police trailing him at night, can thereby cause the policeman to be suspicious, and fearful that the citizen he is pursuing is armed and dangerous, when in fact, the man is more afraid than he is. Surveillance can undermine the psyche of both. The very powers that are given a mandate to promote peace, are subverting it.

While there may be is less outward conflict over the next few weeks, Uranus will be exactly square to Pluto again on March 17, at 15 deg of the Cardinal signs (generating outward), Aries and Capricorn respectively.. The issues of police authority to shoot at individuals they suspect of criminal activity is an issue that is simmering throughout the first 3 months of the new year. The release of individuals detained without justification can also become an issue of consequence, at this time. While black men are more likely to be shot and killed, white men, especially homeless white men, are more likely to be detained indefinitely, and given psychiatric drugs, until a crime is discovered, or he is proved defective psychologically and detained for life in a psychiatric prison ward. If proven competent, the conviction can proceed. It is a mechanism of the police state.

While the recent publication of the Senate Report on the CIA’s activities inform about the treatment of suspects of terror, the domestic police vigilance has also increased since 2001. While everyone is against crime, and we can agree that homelessness as a blight on the social system, the detainment of street people for little or no cause, giving them fines they are unable to pay, and then jailing them for non-payment, increasing over time the amount due, and then looking to see that they have a clear record before release, can also lead to legal errors, mistaken identity, wrongful incrimination and a poorer society for its victims. it becomes a cruel and corrupt system.

The concept of a Great Society is in conflict with the historical record of the US as a violent nation, armed and ready to kill. They cannot exist simultaneously. While the upper crust has everything they desire, the homeless have nothing but a day to day struggle to survive. They have been filtered into the bottom rung, not so much by choice, and, although drug addiction has a role, as by chance. Recovery is a long road, and without support it is one that is impossible to maintain. Awareness is the only hope. Awareness of the plight and effective treatments for rehabilitation is the only avenue we should be seeking.

The police in question need cultural training, as well as psychological assessment before they go out on their beat. They should know their community, the mind-set of the sub-cultural segments of the population they are serving. Yes, Black lives Matter. It is very easy to project your fears on another, at night especially, if the man you are spotting has a resemblance to a powerful enemy in your psyche. Trained to arrest criminals, the police should also be trained to prevent such errors, and to use their weapon only if a threat is proven to exist. At present they are shooting at their own shadow, and there will be no end to it.

Looking ahead, there is an astrological significance in the March 5th Full Moon. Here, the square aspect between Uranus and Pluto again becomes close to exact. Here, however, Jupiter is exactly trine to Uranus in fire signs (perhaps the revolutionary force is evident), while the Full Moon is trine to Pluto (the depth of the unconscious motivations) in earth signs represents a structural, institutionalized  powerful force. Here we see that there is a psychological challenge, as the Moon is full in Virgo, a mutable sign (very flexible),  prone to nit-picking and introspection,  ruled by Mercury, also tending to subservience and possible neurosis, with the Sun in Pisces, a sign of social disintegration. The opposition is not always a good aspect.  It can polarize, and disengage, one side from the other. It can reach an unstable stasis, with the two signs of Virgo and Pisces involved, or a willingness to accommodate the opposed party. Each is supported favorably by powerful offices or allies. One is the shadow of the other. The outcome of the trial, is up to the voter, the citizen and the jury. Is the call for Law and Order a greater calling than that of Social Justice?

How do you see it?


I am posting two charts, one of December 15, 2014 and the second of March 5th 2015 in both charts, Uranus is square aspect (90 deg) to Pluto.


Dec 15, 2014 Uranus square Pluto

Dec 15, 2014
Uranus square Pluto

March 5, 2015 Uranus square Pluto

March 5, 2015
Uranus square Pluto