Critical Degrees and Crises — June 16-23 2021


The Sun leaves Gemini on Monday the 21st of June, and the Moon transits from Virgo through Libra and Scorpio this week and will be found in Sagittarius next week on Tuesday.  The Sun makes a quincunx aspect to the Moon and a square aspect to Jupiter on Tuesday, and then a trines aspect to Mars in Leo as the word gets around for new fashions and games. The recipe to conquer Covid-19 has been formulated and billions of doses will be delivered. Certainly, a time to raise spirits and expectations for success in the future. Venus is in opposition aspect to Pluto on the 23rd with the Moon in opposition to Mercury understanding the opponents’ goals might help resolve conflicts.

 Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday June 16th — The Moon in Virgo is in an opposition aspect to Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter, as the former ruler of Pisces, before the modern planet Neptune was assigned, has resonance in Pisces. However, Jupiter symbolizes coalescence, whereas Neptune disburses. With the Moon in an opposition aspect, the benefits of the Jupiter position can be utilized. While this occurs overnight in the US, in Europe and Israel at a mid-morning hour of 9-10. Mars in Leo is semi-sextile to the Moon and also quincunx aspect to Jupiter, adding an element of cost of direct action. There is motivation to carry out policies. With Saturn retro in Aquarius square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, a partile aspect although separating, indicates a strong reaction, such as motions to counteract government proposals or to dissolve the government. Both planets are slow moving, so this aspect stays in effect until the end of June. It will re-form in December and be strong over the final 2 weeks of December, with Uranus retro and Saturn direct separating in January 2022, as Saturn moves forward in Aquarius. Mercury in Gemini, its sign of rulership, and retrograde is semi-sextile to Venus in Cancer. Venus is disposed of by the Moon in Virgo. While repeat voting may take place, the working arrangements (Moon in Virgo) are likely to continue. 

Thursday June 17th — The Moon in Virgo is trine aspect to Uranus and Ceres in Taurus overnight (US time zones) and morning in Europe and early morning in the Mid-East. The UranusCeres conjunction aspect combines the transforming needs of a generation with the radical movements. The Moon in Virgo works to implement a policy of political or social reform. The Moon in a sextile aspect to Venus in Cancer, disposed of by the Moon, is a good signature for health-related issues.  The Moon is in a square aspect to Mercury retro in Gemini, indicating technical problems that may arise. Most likely these can be resolved. The Sun in Gemini is in a quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, requiring ingenuity to overcome difficult bureaucratic hurdles. The Moon moves to an opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces later in the day. One may draw support from empathetic relationships, who offer practical solutions.   

Friday June 18th — The first quarter Moon is at 3:55 UT, and for US EDT at 5 min to midnight on Thursday. Moon ingress to Libra is at 8:55 UT or 4:55 AM EDT. The intervening 5 hours is Void-of-Course. During the Void-of Course hours, negotiations are non-productive. This   would only affect night workers and the dreams of most people in the US. New initiatives or personal convictions made at the New Moon (eclipse) on June 10th (early morning in the US) may be challenged and a crisis may develop at the first Quarter Moon. The details of the crisis should be under mitigation only after the lunar ingress into Libra, ending the Void-of Course phase. If conflicts are open and interactions between the sides of the conflict are aired, they tend to be overly emotional. Therefore, take a break from arguing with spouse or children. Avoid conflicts in general. This may be difficult if you are upset during a time of crisis, but delaying the confrontation until the Moon is in Libra would have a better outcome. The Moon in Libra is in a quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Pisces, and a few hours later, sextile aspect to Mars in Leo. Working out issues can be frustrating, but worthwhile as working out differences could lead to a successful plan of action. Saturn in a square aspect to Uranus indicates that fundamental differences remain. Existing legal positions are regressing with the retrograde Saturn, while a revolution may be in the offing, the lid is kept on for the time being.

Saturday June 19th — The Moon in Libra (air sign) is trine aspect to Saturn retro overnight for US time zones, but morning hours in Europe and mid-eastern countries.   As a balance of power is underway, perhaps unconsciously, as the new US administration makes changes that largely reverse the unbridled dictates of the previous POTUS, and diminishing somewhat the restrictions on freedom of press, while Europe and Israel seem to be ready to adjust their outlook as well. The Moon in transit then is trine to Mercury retro in Gemini, the third air sign, as more tangible thought corrections are made. The Universe is with us still, and us with it in synchronicity. There’s a grand trine in air signs, as the Moon connects Saturn and Mercury for a short two hours that could have a lasting impact. Ceres in Taurus separates from the conjunction aspect with Uranus, leaving behind the revolutionary aspirations, an indication that the summer season ahead will lead to a flowering of cultural change.  Younger generations are energized as reforms seem to favor their goals. Chiron is semi-sextile to Uranus, as some wisdom is incorporated in the radical changes taking place. Ceres is semi-sextile to Mercury retro in Gemini, with communication for adjustments. Saturn retro separates from the square aspect to Uranus, as political powers are less likely to engage in conflict.  

Sun trine Moon at an Anaretic Degree
June 20, 2021
Washington, DC

Sunday June 20th — The Moon makes a trine aspect to the Sun overnight for US time zones, in the afternoon for Europe and Israel, at the critical, anaretic 29 deg of the air signs Gemini (Sun) and Libra (Moon).  The Moon ingress to Scorpio later in the day, while the Sun ingress to Cancer is close to midnight in the US and early morning hour in Europe and Israel. While thinking through positions, the decision made now may not comport with the process beforehand. During a Void-of-Course Moon, the hour before the Moon ingress to Scorpio, finalized agreements should not be made. Yet, if this is a day off, more time can be used to consider plans, discussions could take place at home or among close associates. Pressures remain on the economic front, as limitations are gradually released. Chiron is semisextile to Uranus, as some wisdom is incorporated in the radical changes taking place. Ceres is semi-sextile to Mercury retro in Gemini, signals communication for adjustments.

Sun trine Moon at an Anaretic Degree
June 20, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

Monday June 21st —  The Moon in Scorpio moves to the opposition aspect with Uranus in Taurus. Open conflicts threaten violence. With Saturn retro in Aquarius, square aspect to both the Moon and Uranus, efforts are made to control attacks, and placate both sides of the issue with legal measures and community actions.  Preparation and restraints may be applied as the Moon is disposed of by Pluto in Capricorn. Security forces are on hand. The Moon opposition aspect to Uranus could trigger violence anywhere in the world.

Tuesday June 22nd — A Grand-trine configuration forms overnight in the US, and morning hours in Israel (6AM) with the Moon trine aspect to Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. While trine aspects in water signs are  not volatile, they can increase the emotional reactions to events. Preparations for a Flag Day in Jerusalem were made to minimalize the effect on Arab communities. Hopefully, that change will be successful in preventing violence. Later in the day, the Sun trine aspect to Jupiter retro could expand the success of the day. The Moon ingress to Sagittarius in the afternoon hours is quincunx aspect to the Sun and square aspect to Jupiter retro, as political and religious sensitivities could erupt. With the Sun transiting to the trine aspect with Jupiter retro in Pisces, ruffled feathers could be mollified.   

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June 15, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

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