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The Taurus Moon focus on practical matters, and now the issue of expenditures for a health care plan with Trump’s plan to rework many aspects of the economy, personal expenditures are kept in mind. 

The Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn accompanies the confirmation of the official vote tally. The radical power shift is assured. Yet, how he will carry out the role remains a mystery. With cabinet appointments rather confusing and controversial, with family in adversarial positions, a group (Pluto) appears to be coalescing into governing roles (Sun in Capricorn).

Trump’s chart shows his natal Moon conflicted by transiting Saturn as he strives to conform to his new role. He is under great pressure. The question remains of his ability to rise to the role he has achieved. 

Transiting Pluto is now in a quincunx aspect to Trump’s natal Uranus, shows the quirky and unpredictable nature of his current status. He may transform under group pressure, or may be overwhelmed. He loves the spotlight, as a former showman, he at least will make himself the center of attention (Mars and Pluto are in Leo in his natal chart). Leo is prone to dramatic expression and self-glorification. 

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January 7,2017



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