Coping with Tragedies in a Divided World — January 25- February 1 2023


This week you might find a new direction, a changed or modified goal. You might also want to improve your diet and exercise routine, as the Moon transits Uranus in Taurus, with aspects to the outer planets. Except for Ceres, all planets are within the celestial hemisphere from Capricorn to Gemini. The Moon egress Pisces and ingress Aries on Wednesday the 25th, making a conjunction aspect with Jupiter and Venus makes ingress to Pisces on Thursday. On Saturday, the Moon in Taurus makes a conjunction aspect with Rahu and then with Uranus. The Sun in Aquarius makes a trine aspect with Mars in Gemini on Sunday and Mercury in Capricorn is trine aspect to Uranus. The Moon aspects Neptune, Saturn and Pluto as strong responses are evoked. The Moon in Gemini on Monday indicates a change in attitude, with trine aspect to Ceres and the Sun for a grand-trine configuration at the conjunction with Mars. Jupiter in Aries approaches the opposition aspect to Ceres in Libra on Tuesday. Ceres, transiting slower than usual, is due to change direction on February 4.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday January 25th — The Sun in Aquarius makes a trine aspect to Ceres in Libra, advancing innovation in agriculture and environmental issues. The Moon in Pisces is sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and semi-sextile aspect to Venus in Aquarius. While we cannot change the facts of a deteriorating atmosphere, we can modify its impact. The Moon ingress to Aries furthers inventive progress. The Moon makes a conjunction aspect with Jupiter in Aries, opposition aspect to Ceres and sextile aspect to the Sun by evening (US times) an early morning hour in England, EU while later in the morning in the Far East on Thursday. The integration of policy to curb global warming and to combat environmental quality decline is achieved. Moon sextile aspect to Mars in Gemini as emotionally wrought discussions are activated.

Thursday January 26th — The Aries Moon is square aspect to Mercury in Capricorn early morning hours (US times), afternoon hours in the eastern hemisphere, sparking objections, as policy makers disagree. The Moon is in a conjunction aspect with Chiron in Aries which could indicate that independence may be compromised, with Mercury square aspect to Chiron. Venus’ ingress to Pisces occurs by mid-day (US times) as a more intuitive, sympathetic approach is taken in interpersonal relations. The Sun in Aquarius is trine aspect to Ceres in Libra. Jupiter in Aries approaches the opposition aspect to Ceres in Libra, as an imbalance in personal rights exists.

Friday January 27th — The Moon in Aries is semi-sextile aspect to Neptune as the sextile aspect to Saturn is formed. An unexpressed universal concerns colors working relationships with authorities. Cautions are taken as preventive measures are implemented. The Moon is then in a square aspect to Pluto indicating a rejection of independent maneuvers. The Moon ingress to Taurus makes a sextile aspect to Venus in Pisces, indicating that a personal loss is felt deeply. Ceres in Libra, disposed of by Venus, seeks balance in the integration of personal power, with the opposition aspect to Jupiter in Aries.  

First Quarter Moon
January 28, 2023

Saturday January 28th — The First Quarter Moon phase is marked at 15:20 GMT, late morning hours US time zones [see image]. The quarter Moon is a crisis moment in the evolving cycle. Decisions made at this time impact the outcome that is possible at the Full Moon. So this is a crisis moment in the development of issues most recently seeded at the pre-New Moon phase. It is informative to look back at the New Moon of January 21st. On the 21st, the Moon transited a conjunction aspect to Pluto just 5 hours before the New Moon at 1 deg Aquarius. Mercury in Cap has just begun to separate from the quincunx aspect to Mars in Gemini, and Ceres in Libra opposition aspect to Jupiter in Aries was an approaching aspect. The Moon’s conjunction aspect with Pluto seems, in retrospect, an indication of the motivation in mass shootings that occurred on January 21st and 23rd in California, an expression of resentment as the Moon approached the conjunction aspect to Pluto in Capricorn at the time of the first shooting. Decisions today could lead to implementation of new laws.  At this quarter Moon, the Moon in Taurus is in a conjunction aspect with Rahu, described as a “headless planet”, providing impetus with an emotional appeal for implementation of law. A lunar conjunction aspect with Uranus follows, impacting economic realities with a radical change in direction. Mercury in Capricorn makes a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, as an avenue for agreement opens.  A grand-trine configuration of the Sun, Mars and Ceres impacts the future, as Ceres is in opposition aspect to Jupiter in Aries, signifying a curtailment of individual right-of-aggression. *

Sunday January 29thMercury in Capricorn reaches partile trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, indicating speech making with proposals for legal reversals. The Sun in Aquarius is partile trine aspect to Mars in Gemini, indicating swift actions. As the dispositor of Jupiter and Ceres in Aries, Mars represents decisions taken for personal achievement, possibly also for the greater good of humanity. The Sun and Mars make sextile aspects to the midpoint of Jupiter and Chiron in Aries. An increasing sense of personal responsibility in collective issues emerges. The Moon in Taurus transits to the sextile aspect with Neptune in Pisces, square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, and trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. A day of suffering, accountability and legal exposure develops a sense of legal responsibility. 

Monday January 30th — The Moon in Gemini makes a square aspect to Venus in Pisces, evoking empathetic responses. Then the Moon is sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries and trine aspect to Ceres in Libra, activating the Ceres/Jupiter opposition aspect. Mercury maintains the trine aspect to Uranus, while the Sun in Aquarius remains trine aspect to Mars. Personal reactions are complex, as parents and teachers attempt to rationalize and calm fears.  The internal strife is laid bare, as the world’s most powerful democratic nation seeks solutions. The Moon transits to the conjunction aspect with Mars, and trine aspect to the Sun. There could be an initiative in the form of a presidential action could include an Executive Order to curtail gun sales and transport.

Tuesday January 31st — The Moon in Gemini makes a semi-sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus, a slight nod to some implemented change, then the Moon is quincunx aspect to Mercury in Capricorn, indicating that the events are not considered effective. Venus in Pisces, semi-sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries, urges a comprehensive reform. Ceres Libra in opposition aspect to Jupiter represents demands for the protection of innocents, opposed to the expansive rights given to individuals. The overnight square aspect of the Moon to Neptune could activate psychic activities, leading to emotional distress.
* edited on 26 January to correct day of the shooting incident

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January 24, 2023
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