Consciousness and Synchronicity – Week of March 29-April 3 2017

With a very overcrowded schedule, I am limiting the time I spend on my page this week and for the next three weeks or so. I want to thank those who have been reading my posts. It has been a valuable experience for me, as I learned more by a more careful daily analysis and report. Started in November 2013, I hope to continue in some form or format for the foreseeable future, with the website and the postings.

Albert Einstein held to a pantheistic view of G-d as the creator. He is quoted as saying:  “Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune intoned in the distance by an invisible player.” Quoting from Genesis: “When God first created the heavens and the earth, the earth was an empty waste.” And even before he created man and woman: “God made the two great lights, the greater light to rule the day and the smaller light to rule the night, and the stars.” The creation of the earth was in fact one thought. Poets and musicians tend to contribute to the notion that there is a world soul. As the reggae music of Bob Marley agrees, it is “one love, one heart.” As part of the creation, each planet of our solar system has a special role, and while even more planets may be identified and named, the tradition in astrology has been with the Sun and Moon as luminaries and the 8 planets viewed geocentrically. 

Astrology strives to interpret the relevance of the cycles of planetary movements and apply them. Using the personality theories of humanistic psychology, notably that of Carl Jung, these cycles apply to human personality development and evolution. The planetary influences are multifaceted. As you may recall, the Moon in particular is active in triggering events, and the 12 signs of the zodiac give a special flavor to the planets when in their realm. That is symbolically, as the true impulse to act is from the individual and his or her nature. That is we all have a measure of free will.  There is a creation and thus a unified system, a natural order and universal laws. We would not have evolved to the current level of civilization without them. Transformational inventions (e.g. digital communication) and space travel help to unify the world. Individuals and groups, who put themselves above the universal order of oneness, tend to be egotistical, divisive, and evolve from hatred and the negative forces. The promoters of evil must also abide by the laws of nature, but often are adverse in accepting universal truth and universal oneness. 

This week we have Venus in Aries in a retrograde motion. Aries is a goal oriented sign, although Venus moving retrograde is more apt to be reflexive or reminiscent in mood. This may be a quick action of a reflexive nature, although it may be pre-planned or a ritualistic nature. We turn clocks ahead and think of the spring that is approaching. We may be reviewing mentally as well, the past year’s events. If there are relationship problems, that would probably surface now, or be an inner conflict, whether or not you share your feelings. It is a good time to get involved in self-help and counseling resources.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday March 29th – The Aries stellium is with us, as the Moon’s transit of 3 traditional planets as well as the Sun at the New Moon indicates that this is likely to be an eventful day, while Pluto in the long- term square aspect to Jupiter retro could unearth something interesting. This could prove a pivotal day for US political, undercover investigations, casting a new light on the current President’s administration that could possibly answer some suspicions, clear up group involvement in secretive alliances. Uranus in Aries is again activated in this transit to reveal unexpected turn-about relationships. Truth and falsehood are questioned and efforts made to put them aright. With 7 planets in cardinal (active, outgoing) signs, there are aggressive actions taken everywhere. Mercury and the Moon are trine aspect to Saturn in fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius). The two major aspects, one involving Pluto and Jupiter, and the other Mercury trine Saturn activated by the lunar transit gives a hint that the Investigations into political corruption worldwide could yield some revolutionary changes.

Thursday March 30th – The Moon in Taurus (fixed, earth) means persistence in meeting goals that are ruminative. The Moon meets with Mars (goal directed) and Ceres (protective social concerns) and finally will relinquish all when the trine (120 deg aspect) with Pluto occurs later in the day. Just how this hits the fan of media and public opinion, remains to be seen. Corruption charges are likely made (Pluto square aspect to Jupiter). Could be HUUUUGH!

Friday March 31stMercury in the final degree of Aries reveals findings and moves on to Taurus to review the evidence, the basis of the investigations.  Meanwhile the Moon finishes up the transit of Taurus and moves on to Gemini, as rumor and talk define fact and fiction. Venus retro in Aries is the dispositor of Mars, Ceres, and the Moon, taking some secrets to the grave. As Venus is also the dispositor of Jupiter retro in Libra, the secrets could be enormous!

Saturday April 1st – The Moon in Gemini, sextile aspect to the Sun (60 deg, friendly) shows attempts to integrate the knowledge into an understandable form – given the opportunity to clarify positions in the matters on hand. Mercury in Taurus gathers information, the facts and only the facts. There is also a greater concern for environment and health issues in the earth sign Taurus (fixed earth).

April 2, 2017
Moon opposes Saturn

Sunday April 2nd – The Moon in Gemini with a sextile aspect to Uranus could also be the impetus for the release of more explosive news, moves on to oppose Saturn in Sagittarius today, an indication of the polarity in opinion and political alliances. Staying with one or the other of the traditional political groups could be contrary to established belief and thought as new evidence is revealed (Uranus sextile the Moon).

Monday April 3rd The Moon now in Cancer is concerned with self-preservation. The 1st quarter Moon square aspect to the Sun (90 deg, harsh) opens up new areas of concern. However, the radical issues are quickly stabilized as the Moon moves to form a Grand Cross configuration opposing Pluto in Capricorn and squared to Jupiter retro in Libra.  Venus retro in Pisces moves to the more obscure realm of disarray and confusion on the less evolved level, and recognition of universal synchronicity on the higher vibration, or more evolved level.  

Tuesday April 4th – The Moon in Cancer is square aspect to Uranus in Aries today (90 deg, harsh), giving us more concern about stability and authenticity. Mars moves to a trine aspect with Pluto (120 deg, easy) and simultaneous quincunx to Jupiter retro in Libra (120 deg mixed aspect). The results could be revealing as charges made in the media are then carried out.  

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March 28, 2017  
Jerusalem, Israel

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