Conflicting Views are Melded – Week of November 29-December 5 2017

The crisis issues this week are building up to a climax, as the Moon will conjunct Uranus in Aries, triggering the opposition aspect (180 deg, tense) with Mars in Libra.  Volcanic eruptions as well as social or personal issues will also be coming to a resolution through a crisis moment. Mercury in Sagittarius turns retrograde (apparent motion) on Dec 4th and will conjunct Saturn again on the 65h-7th of December.  A reassessment of culminating legislation, court actions, and a reassessment of political or philosophical positions would be finalized in this timeframe. A release of a buildup of energy with the Moon’s transit of Uranus precedes the eventual and predictable response. Other radical changes are implemented this week, pulling together finally on the 5th with a grandtrine in water signs.

Wednesday November 29th – The Moon in Aries is in a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) with the Sun in Sagittarius (two fire signs). There is an urgency as warning signals are given. Individual actions are in coordination with recommended procedures (Mercury conjunct Saturn) as warnings are issued with impending conflicts reaching a critical stage (Uranus opposing Mars).  There may also be unanticipated disruptions and radical actions on the part of individuals with the Moon triggering the Uranus in Aries. Safety precautions should be heeded.    

Thursday November 30th – As the Moon conjunct Uranus early in the day, the results from explosive exposures of criminal acts, transgressions and the earth’s volcanic actions come into awareness. Uranus is the iconoclast, braking expectations. In an opposition aspect to Mars in Libra, we could find a balancing element or conversely disrupting the disrupter, increasing chaos and uncertainty. We may be stunned or spurred into action at this time. The Moon in Aries is also trine aspect to Saturn and Mercury as we seek logical solutions. Quick thinking may be required to overcome the negative results of the day.  The fever has reached the high point, and then is broken, so that healing is possible.  With Mars quincunx aspect ( 150 deg, complex) to Chiron and Jupiter trine aspect (120 deg easy) to Neptune a soothing remedy can be applied. Search and rescue is underway. Venus enters Sagittarius for commiseration and healing actions. The Moon ingress to Taurus (fixed earth sign) in the afternoon US time.

Friday December 1st– The Moon in Taurus is sextile to Neptune early in the day, and at the same time opposes Jupiter in Scorpio (180 deg aspect), as solutions are found for the needy and oppressed, the victims and the underdog, the weary and the lame. A speedy recovery to all, by the grace of G-d. Ceres, the planet of natural healing with herbal properties is quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn as new insights and creative solutions are brought to bear on the situation. The Moon reaches a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Pluto later in the day, as the application of assistance is carried out to help masses of the wounded and ill. Medical insurance is viewed favorably now.

Saturday December 2ndJupiter trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Neptune is at its peak strength today. This aspect has been forming slowly, so we are already feeling the effects. Benefits (Jupiter), however great, seem to disappear in the pool of boundless (Neptune) need. Funding to help a person regenerate life, to reemerge into the cultural social participation is a great feeling. Yet, many more sufferers remain. One may also escape one situation only to be confronted with another equally as burdensome.  Illness may return or be compounded by simultaneous afflictions, or a relapse. There may be a sense of euphoria in some cases, with reciprocity in relationships. Commitments (Scorpio) may be binding and unlimited (Pisces).  

December 3 2017
Full Moon

Sunday December 3rd– A Full Moon today, as Mercury turns retrograde. (See chart in image above) The Moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Therefore, the reversals seem to be part of the deal that is reached now. Some repair work needs to be done to improve the finished product.  Mercury applying to Saturn in Sagittarius promises to work on the details.  Jupiter and Neptune are close to exact in the trine aspect (120 deg, flowing), and while the demand for perfection ( Saturn and Capricorn) with Mercury and Saturn conjunct is obvious, Jupiter and Neptune are obscuring the prospects with increased emotional and empathetic expressions of necessity. Jupiter is disposed of by Pluto in Capricorn, while Saturn and Mercury are disposed of by Jupiter. Certain details must be worked on for the system to gain acceptance.  The Sun square aspect (190 deg, harsh) to Neptune jolts the conscience.   Neptune is the focal point (square aspect to two planets in opposition-180 deg- to one another) as the humanitarian issues are highlighted.

Monday December 4th – The Moon in a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Mars (goal oriented) in Libra today, as more conversation and ideas are melded together, with efforts to enhance the goals of equality (Libra) in actual practice (Gemini). The Full Moon was glamorous, but when the Moon opposes (180 deg aspect) Saturn (limits) and Mercury retro (reform) today, we’ll have to get down to brass tacks, and possibly eliminate some ideals (Saturn in Sag) unworkable, as paring down ideals to fit reality continues. Deeply held suspicions (Jupiter in Scorpio) can be revealed, as secrets are eliminated with Jupiter tell-all trine (120 deg, aspect) to Neptune in Pisces.

Tuesday December 5th – The Moon in Cancer today is trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to both Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio. The grandtrine is a flowing of energy in water signs it is the emotional forces that dominate in a free space, although limited to a few hours. Mercury again becomes partile in the conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius, as a celebratory mood results as agreements are confirmed. The Moon opposes Pluto (180 deg aspect) later in the day, seeming to have the ratification of the highest order.

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November 28, 2017   
Jerusalem, Israel




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