Compromise and Reason vs. Authority – Week of July 19-25 2017 

With a NewMoon on the 23rd – next Sunday- at 0 deg Leo, Mars precedes the Sun and Moon into Leo, as the trail-blazing Mars promotes glamour and drama (Leo). This should indeed be a take no prisoner sort of week.  While the prisoners are not taken now, they may be later down the road. As stories continue to confront the WH reality show, much that was hidden could be revealed when Mars transits Leo and Donald Trump’s natal Pluto position in his natal 12th House.  With his natal Mars conjunct the natal Ascendant, Donald cannot hold his tongue. He speaks stream of consciousness-ly and thus rarely thinks before he speaks, leading to many contradictions and misstatements. The transit of Mars over his natal Pluto in Leo happens this year around the 6th of August. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct to his natal Jupiter beginning July 25th as the aspect becomes more evident. With transiting Saturn conjunct his natal Moon in Sagittarius, his protection of family, he is put to a political test. In his natal chart Jupiter forms a grand trine. It is trine his natal Uranus (conjunct his natal Sun in Gemini) and trine Ceres in Aquarius. The full circuit will be revealed now. He will not easily get out of this predicament, as Saturn retro will be square aspect to natal Venus and Saturn for the last three months of 2017. The 12th House of a chart indicates a collective and inherited unconscious. The skeletons come out of the closet. With Pluto and Mars in his natal 12tHouse a placement that can also represent removal and confinement.  

Wednesday July 19th – The Moon and Venus are in Gemini today, as a grand trine is forming in Fire signs. As we pass the time chatting and maybe doing serious writing, or while Rome burns (as the saying goes, Nero played his fiddle). Venus in Gemini enjoys music and merriment. Meanwhile, Mercury is  in Leo with a trine aspect to Saturn retro in Sagittarius, digs in deeply with creative ingenuity, seeking to reveal according to standards (Saturn) of legal or philosophical (Sagittarius) or constitutional statutes. The Constitution is applied to current issues (Mercury trine Saturn). Uranus is in a wide trine to both Mercury and Saturn, gains strength to overturn the status quo at some point in the future. (The trine aspect between Saturn and Uranus is reached in November). Today, slow moving Pluto retro in Capricorn is approaching a square aspect (90 deg harsh) with slow moving Jupiter in Libra, and is sure to reveal some evolving conflicts. Personal boundaries may be made clear at this time, as group consciousness (Pluto) is conflicting with our cohesive sense (Jupiter) of relationship to a cultural contract, and democracy (e.g., voter rights to privacy issues).

Thursday July 20thMars ingress to Leo as the Moon is conjunct to Venus. Romance is in the air.  Venus quincunx to Pluto is seeking to solve the enigmas of the day (or era).  We may be so bold (Mars in Leo) as to reject the forces that want our healthcare (Moon) overturned and replaced (Pluto). A romantic ideal refuses to die.  The Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius late in the day. This is again an indication of reversals (opposition) in policy (Saturn).  Sun in Cancer is square (90 deg harsh) aspect to Uranus in Aries. A revolutionary fervor is released.

Friday July 21st – The Moon ingress to Cancer transits Ceres at 4 deg of the sign. This bonding of healing agents has an impact. Venus is disposited by Mercury and Mercury is disposited by the Sun in Cancer, disposited by the Moon, in Cancer, the sign of the Moon rules. Therefore, Moon is the final dispositor of the day’s configuration, including Pluto in Saturn’s sign, Saturn in Jupiter’s sign, and Jupiter disposited by Venus in Gemini, resolving again to the Moon. The individual will is strong, and even the legislative conflicts cannot overturn the constituent’s strength. Ala the French Revolution.   

Saturday July 22nd – The Moon opposes Pluto today, as the wave of clamor and protest peaks, as the Sun ingress to Leo in the morning hours (US time zones) and opposition can be either crushed or turned to victory. Venus hones in on the opposition (180 deg conflict) to Saturn seeking to reverse political positions with stories and kindness. The grand trine in Fire takes off as Mercury is midpoint between the trine to both Saturn and Uranus, a go-between of reporting on issues raised to negotiate between the lawmakers (Saturn) and the revolutionaries (Uranus).

New Moon in Leo
July 23 2017

Sunday July 23rd – The Moon transits the Sun and Mars at the New Moon (See chart image), forming a creative block of sorts, a solidified voice emerges. Venus moves to a close opposition (180 deg oppression or repression) to Saturn (the status quo) or to reject the proposed changes that would affect us all. Jupiter in Libra is now less than 2 deg from the exact square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Pluto in Capricorn (Cardinal signs, aggressive) to expand on the legal issues and conflicts involved.  The square aspect between Mars and Uranus is separating (decreasing in strength), while Mercury is approaching the quincunx (150 deg, refining) to Chiron. Appeals (Mercury) to the voice of wisdom and attention to the suffering and needy (Chiron) are made.

Monday July 24th – The Moon in Leo is first quincunx (150 deg, problematic) Neptune in Pisces, then quincunx Pluto in Capricorn and then sextile (60 deg, working) to Jupiter in Libra as more urgent pleas are made. The administration’s last ditch attempts to overturn the existing laws in health care and voter rights are simmering to the end. The Moon later in the day, is trine (120 deg, easy) to Uranus and quincunx (150 deg, challenging) Chiron as the surge for overturning or advancing legislation reaches an apex point.  The voice for harmony (Venus) and constructive change by opposition (180 deg aspect) to Saturn is holding and may prevail against the stronger forces of power (Saturn).

Tuesday July 25th – If the charm offensive has made an impression, Jupiter’s square to Pluto should be a collective voice for reason opposed to tyranny (square aspect 90 deg). The Sun approaches a conjunction with Mars at 3 deg Leo, with a push to accomplish a victory, while the Moon transits Mercury and into Virgo to push for practical measures. Jupiter prefers compromise while Pluto will transform or – if on the bad side- will completely reject, ignore or even destroy. The push-over is possibly on the way. Can Jupiter tame the coalesced power or will power (Pluto) undermine co-existence?

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Jerusalem, Israel
July 18, 2017

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