Common Enemies Draw us Closer Week of June 10-16 2015



In general, the aspects this week are working toward greater stability on the world stage. This week we see the culmination of close aspects, Jupiter trine Uranus, while Mars and the Sun remain in conjunction for several days! At the same time, Mercury turns direct in a wide opposition to Saturn retro, while Saturn re-enters Scorpio at the end of the week. The amazing co-incidence of all these contacts tighten up the machinery of co-operation and agreement with pressure and reward are counter-balanced.

Mercury turning direct on June 12th seems to indicate a change in tone. A careful review has been taken. A time of introspection and inner repair work has led to the possibility of moving into a new era.

Wednesday June 10th – The Moon enters Aries today, where it will be trine to Venus in Leo and sextile to Mercury retro in Gemini. This combination of favorable aspects gives a friendly atmosphere, and agreement on goals to be reached in the immediate time-frame. The Sun in Gemini is one degree approaching a conjunction with Mars, sextile to Uranus in Aries, and also sextile to Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter and Uranus are approaching the exact trine aspect that has been forming over the past weeks. This is a similar configuration happening simultaneously with the Moon trine Venus and both sextile to Mercury! Only Neptune and Pluto, who played their roles in the past weeks, are now less active, as the universal energies, the unconscious and subliminal process has achieved their goals and now the rest of the solar system is at work (so to speak). A Grand-trine configuration in fire signs graces the day’s activities, making speed with euphoria a significant for the conclusion of the agreements made.

Thursday June 11th – This is a pivotal day, as the Moon is square to Pluto (harsh aspect) before reaching Uranus in Aries, and trine to Jupiter (a magnification influence) where violent actions may be taken. Unexpected reversals, surprise announcements can be anticipated as the Moon is sextile to Mars and the Sun soon after the jolting Uranus aspects. A power struggle, always in the background, could come to the fore, and some sort of ultimatum, or some compromise can be reached. Mercury is 4 degrees from an opposition to Saturn, and it is the closest the aspect will be, as Mercury turns direct in a few hours. Some issues are resolved, some decisions made, although others may be left for later. It is a step-by-step arrangement. Looking for the best in all possible worlds, this day could be a strong turning point. Thus the two configurations mentioned yesterday, are brought together.

Friday June 12th – The pressure to reach an agreement, a point of necessity is made with the Sun (will power) conjunct to Mars (action) today in the air sign Gemini. The exact square to the conjunction to Chiron in Pisces point to a tough love agreement for healing wounds of the past. Making amends, settling disputes is crucial for the future prosperity of the people on earth. Promotions may be also made as SunMars could increase status. Mercury, the ruler of the sign Gemini disposes of the the SunMars conjunction and opposes Saturn, disposed of by Pluto in Capricorn. A power shift is likely.

Saturday June 13th – The Sun and Mars in Gemini remain in close aspect through mid-week, allowing for important conversations to take place, as more efforts are made to secure agreements. Mars is goal directed, while the Sun is empowering of individuals and leaders. Leaders, especially at this time, can advance their agendas. With the Moon in Taurus, concrete rewards are favored. With the transit square to Venus, trine Pluto and square to Jupiter in Leo, generosity may be universally applied for overcoming obstacles. Leverage is needed to apply to stuck issues. As all influences can manifest in a negative way as well as positive, the negative forces in the world use the influences to advance their agendas as well. Humanity will suffer as a whole if leadership is lacking in the positive change to lead us from disorder and chaos to a more humane world. Mercury returns to a direct motion today, moving forward in the sign of its rulership, where it is most effective. This pushes forward the transformation of Saturn (power structure).

Sunday June 14th – With Mars and the Sun in exact conjunction today, the strength on the influence is undergoing transformation. The Sun can actually overpower the influence of Mars, a situation where the planet is cumbust, and therefore less powerful. At this same time, the Moon is leaving the fixed sign of Taurus, and into the mutable sign of Gemini, where it opposes Saturn in the opposite sign of Sagittarius. Saturn is still retrograde (weaker) and at the cusp of Scorpio, where real transformation can take place. As the Moon transits Mercury at 4 deg Gemini later in the day, Mercury (mind) becomes activated, in the fluid sign of Mercury, overcoming the resistance in the opposing forces.

Monday June 15th – As the Moon transits Mercury, Saturn moves into Scorpio in the more concentrated inner retrograde mode. Energy can be conserved here, in the fixed water sign. A retreat of power in the conflict can also build up inner resolve for future aggression. However, the possibility of a true transformation also exists. Then the Moon moves on the sextile Venus in Leo, leading to expressions of joy, while it is in square aspect to Neptune. Neptune remains in its sign of rulership. It is then in quincunx aspect to Venus. More creative measures which can tackle the problems of refugees, and immigrants who are flooding the oceans and European lands, are considered and implemented. The Sun transcends Mars, leading the way to a more stable situation.

New Moon in Gemini June 16, 2015

New Moon in Gemini
June 16, 2015

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Tuesday June 16th – The Moon‘s sextile aspect to Jupiter in Leo, before uniting with Mars and the Sun, is a promise of greater benefit and accomplishment. Full knowledge through publication and electronic media transmission with the sextile to Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, encompasses a universal audience. Agreements lead to a better distribution of wealth and assistance for the oppressed.

Enjoy your week!

Gimelstar June 9, 2015

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