Climate Alert — August 11-18 2021


Mars and Venus in Virgo while Mercury ingress to Virgo on Wednesday, while the Moon leaves the work-through sign and ingress to Libra, hoping for a balanced budget, or at least one the that gets the necessary work done. The Sun in the 3rd decant of Leo exudes optimism, while work is being done to his credit as the royal master. Venus ingress to Libra on Monday the 16th for kudus on the accomplished tasks. The Moon in Sagittarius on Monday with a square aspect to Mercury in Virgo, then sextile aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, the task master, rationalizes the conditions of the day. Climate change and the variant of covid-19 are issues that the leaders need to take a strong lead in practical measures for the people of the nations to follow. The Moon ingress to Capricorn on the 18th, to meet with the somber planets over the coming week, as the work is carried out to tackle the most urgent problems of our era.

August 18, 2021

The Gimelstar report ends here this week, due to time limitations on the part of the astrologer. Hopefully, to continued next week, as usual. We should all see what we can do the support the measures necessary to help reduce a greenhouse effect on the ionosphere, reduce energy consumption by using solar energy when possible. While most of the important steps should be taken by the leaders and influential members of society, we each need to help follow through with recycling and a reduction of carbon emissions. We all need to educate ourselves to help save the planet for our future generations.     

Stay safe!

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August 10, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

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