Class Action and Social Contracts July – August 2015


Mars the symbol of focused energy, moves forward in Cancer in July, as Uranus (transformative energy) slows to stationary at the 20 degree Aries mark. They will meet at 20 deg of the respective signs in a 90 deg (square) aspect. The two most aggressively harsh energies in our solar system are in a harsh aspect and in Cardinal (force outward) signs! We are already seeing this in clashes between police and citizens in the US. Uranus indicates extremely individualistic actions, while Mars is aggressive and acts impetuously. Both participants in the conflicts we see reported on news are affected by the two types of energy. The impulsiveness and the impetus to insult and respond to insult aggressively are present in the conflicts.

While Uranus is stationary and ready to turn retrograde on the 26th of July, Mars is direct and will transit over the 20 deg exact square to Uranus on July 26th as well. From the 23rd to the 28th the transiting aspect is in effect. However, individuals with natal planets on or near the degrees indicated, or in a strong aspect to the planets, can be affected for a longer time, maybe even 2-3 months, as Uranus moves retrograde and will stay at 20 deg of Aries for all of August. There will be a long backing-down and reviewing phase to the conflicts ignited.

We are all responsible for our actions, however, and the planetary locations do not compel actions. We, as humans with a measure of free will and intelligence, can direct energies and emotional drives to a higher plane. We can seek solutions to conflicts without engaging in violent actions. Whenever there is a conflict, there usually is an actor with more legal responsibility, such as parent-child, officer-civilian, etc.

This harsh aspect can work out beneficially for many people. If a person has a trine (easy) aspect between Mars and Uranus in their natal chart, this harsh aspect is energy creating, and could give them power to work through a problem, progress with creative ideas or gain in business.

The actual result will depend on individual circumstances, personal development and social awareness. Astrology is but one map of personality. Psychologists use various maps of consciousness understand individual behavior, conflicts and relationships. Astrology can give a more immediate and individualized map to provide an opening for analysis.

Jupiter in Leo square to Saturn in Scorpio

Jupiter in Leo square to Saturn in Scorpio

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Another aspect of social importance that is developing this summer and into the last quarter of 2015 is Jupiter in a square aspect to Saturn. This aspect will be especially strong from July 28- August 8, as Saturn slows and turns direct on August 2nd , while Jupiter is gaining momentum and will form the square aspect Saturn on August 3rd, just as the exact degree of the square aspect is reached. Events on and around August 2nd , while less explosive than the Mar-Uranus square aspect, will be difficult, as social issues are putting increased limits on freedom, and some measure of control is enforced. There could be massive demonstrations as Jupiter, a planet of social groups in Leo, will test the strength of limits or restrictive measures. Class action suits (Jupiter) may result as legal actions (Saturn) taken at this time.

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