Churning the Air with an Eclipse Week of Sept 23-29 2015


The Sun enters Libra with dignitaries visits, while Mars leaves sunny Leo this week gravitating to more mundane deeds, increasing motivation to arrange all practical matters and even be a bit of a critic or never-satisfied, ambition to fault finding. As Mars forms a square aspect to Saturn, it is an addition  to the Earth sign planets in Capricorn and Virgo.

The sign Libra favors partnerships, It is a dual sign with equality as a standard. Equal consideration in the eyes of the law is often difficult to determine. Ruled by Venus, Libra is often misleading in the presentation of equality, and may be, through a communication of facts or opinion, actually creating conflict as it exposes hidden criminality or power abusers. News reporting of crime, of historical injustice and criminal acts by organizations is at a high-point with Mercury in Libra as well. Celebrity awards and visits add spice to the week With Pluto as well as Ceres in Capricorn, the umbrella of social responsibility is regenerated. The totality of humanity is and humanitarian commitment increases its domain.

Wednesday September 23rd – One could say it is a Day of Judgment, as Libra weighs the day and night hours, while its ruler Venus in Leo remains strong in the confidence of Uranus in Aries (trine aspect in fire signs), a striking pose or a flashy phrase is likely to be used either for good or bad. More than Judgment it is a Day of Atonement. Libra is often out of balance, but does seek balance. If we weigh in new factors, new data or discoveries, the scales of justice shift. Therefore atonement is achieved if mitigating factors can be accounted for, and a measure of understanding brings forgiveness.

The controversies that are brewing now, focus on small details (Jupiter in Virgo) that take on large significance, but impact major issues of social legality (Pluto in Capricorn). A marriage license form for example, or a candidate’s off-the-cuff remarks are scrutinized and and condemned by some, commented on by others, becoming a major snowballing issue. Growing in size, scope and effect for the campaigns on the trail, or issues in the world at large. The Moon enters Aquarius later in the afternoon, as communities gather in mind and/or spirit.

Thursday September 24th – The Sun and Saturn are in a sextile aspect, relating as much as possible, the future and the past, the innovative with the narrow philosophical viewpoints. As Mars is poised to enter Virgo, new agreements are under consideration, new ways of implementing programs to amend the ills of the past, or to simply succeed in the future. Can collaboration with common goals succeed to overcome past prejudices? The Moon is poised to enter Aquarius, at mid-day, so more tech-savvy and forward looking standards are anticipated.

Friday September 25th – With Mars now in Virgo, we are more aggressively (Mars) dealing with details, and square aspect to Saturn on solving difficulties that may limit (Saturn) our ability to expand our philosophical views (Sagittarius). The individual imprint (Saturn) can now be adjusted to fit a new reality. Mars continues on its path to meet with Jupiter (expansion) in mid-October. The Moon in Aquarius opposes Venus early in the day, with some anticipation we consider the week-end ahead. Each individual seeks his own pleasure for free time (Aquarius), care should be taken to avoid extremism or over-indulgence. Venus, the ruler of Libra and Taurus, will beckon with sensual indulgences (Leo). However, there is always a bill to pay at the end of the day (opposition aspect) a conflict of values could be involved. The Moon moves into Pisces late in the day, allowing for expansion and dreams to pave the way.

Saturday September 26th – The Moon meets up with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces for a day of compassionate reflection. With the opposition aspect to Jupiter in Virgo, there seems to be a lot to discuss. More help is on the way for the migrants and hope for the needy world-wide. Religious groups meet with a traveling Pope, so this could be the largest such meeting yet. While there are a lot of inflated feelings going around, this contact may also impact health and psychological well-being. The so called supermoon Full Moon is just 2 days away with an eclipse as well.

Sunday September 27th Mars now in Virgo should help to cool the desire for more entertainment, sports or other diversion, and may be that the enthusiasm that some candidates generated is starting to wane. Venus is still in Leo, so the magnetic attractions are still with us. Mars in Square aspect to Saturn in Sag is likely to generate some sparks, and may actually be a factor in deflating interest, as Virgo tends to analyze more carefully than does Leo. Mercury in quincunx aspect to the MoonNeptune conjunction may indicate talk of a graceful exit strategy.

Total Lunar Eclipse September 28, 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse
September 28, 2015

Monday September 28th – The total Lunar Eclipse is marked for 2:52 GMT, and that would be late evening in the US (see chart insert) may be a spectacular sight. However, the Aries Moon opposing Libra Sun would not have a great astrological significance above the ordinary. Aries people are energized, and may be especially radiant in spirit. Aries people tend to be leaders and innovators in their professional fields. While the Full Moon is known to be a time of significant increase in admissions to psychiatric wards, that is a small segment of the population affected. More aggressive treatments (Mars in Virgo) with medication could, however, have some effect and also some negative results with overdoses or mis-diagnoses.

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September 23, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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