Challenging the Podium – Week of September 21- 27 2016


The devastating events of the past weekend emphasized the SaturnNeptune square aspect that has continued over the past months. The tinder-box of the Saturn (order) confronted (square 90 deg aspect) by the chaos (Neptune) was ignited by the opposition of Venus to Uranus.   The harsh opposition aspect of the Moon to the Sun (eclipse) followed by the Moon’s entry into the direct action sign of Aries, and then opposing Jupiter in Libra shows a personal will to act in the incendiary manner. The stabbing attacks and the pressure-cooker bombs occurred at this time, as well as the bombing of supposed ISIS fighters and mistakenly killing Syrian soldiers, show the circumstances corresponding to that of Uranus and Neptune in harsh aspects.   The eclipse was of course an aspect of stress as well, and the unexpected, mistaken results of the US bombing raid, causing a reversal will in the power struggle in the arena of the Middle-East.  Of course, on a personal level, we are all responsible for our actions, even dealing with inter-personal conflicts and pressures of the social or economic nature that we face daily.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday September 21st – The Gemini Moon is trine aspect to Jupiter this morning. The early morning chatter is modified by the will for balance, to find the consensus, looking also to Mercury and Venus, the rulers of the sign Virgo and Libra, now in Virgo and Libra, the talk gives everyone a vote. In this election year, we want to be informed, and see want our neighbors to be informed as well. Expressing your opinion is the nature of the aspect. Soon, however, a sterner voice enters the forum, Saturn in Sagittarius, with more legal or authoritative lines of justice, to put some facts on the table, or to actually silence the chatter. As the Sun moves into the final degree of Virgo, the claim to authority is in fact louder. The fear of incorrectness is greater. As the Moon is also in a square (90 deg) aspect to Neptune, uncertainty holds the balance, and evokes more harm, most certainly.

Thursday September 22nd Mercury in Virgo turns direct, while in a trine (90 deg) aspect with Pluto (majority). Pluto in Capricorn can represent the standard form of policy that is institutionalized and as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, is usually the slower, more ponderous influence that contains all the issues of authority. Mercury in Virgo is the critical voice that seeks some reassurance, or possible therapeutic treatment from a professional response. So reversing direction (apparent from earth’s view) could have an effect of reversing opinions en mass. As the Gemini Moon will be in square aspect to Virgo, the harsh (90 deg) aspect prompts an instinctual response to the day’s event(s), or actually the overall aura of the day. The Sun moves into Libra later in the day, changing to a more positive mode (Libra is positive air sign, direct action indicated). The conjunction with Jupiter also will increase the search for a more balanced approach, and hopefully, peaceful solutions to problems.

Friday September 23rd – The Moon moves into Cancer, and from the sign of its rulership, expresses dissatisfaction in the partnership, finding personal needs and desires are not addressed, perhaps, finding achievement not recognized or gratified. Venus moves into Scorpio later in the day, giving a stronger voice to the oppressed. As the Moon is trine to Neptune in Pisces and will be in a sextile aspect with Mercury in Virgo, both strong in the sign of rulership, and opposed to Pluto in Capricorn, as the voice of the underdog (Venus) steps forth.

Saturday September 24th – The lunar self-centered impulse is strongly felt as conflicting emotions or inner voices draw from archetypical responses and attitudes, in response to ingrained role models, parents and teachers, for example, flood the mind. How to decide, to go with one and reject the other? With both Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius, the conflicting issues are given voice from the political or idealistic podiums, from leaders and media news broadcasters. Venus in Scorpio is more aligned with Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, and thus more traditional and connected with the status quo. Venus in Scorpio has magnetism and depth. What is the meaning of it all? What can history, in fact, teach at this moment in our progress? The balance of energy is shifting (Sun and Jupiter in Libra). We will view the aspects as the transits progress.

September 25, 2016

September 25, 2016 Click on the image to enlarge

Sunday September 25thVenus is challenged by the Moon  entering Leo, seeking to defeat (square aspect of 90 deg) compassion (Scorpio) with pride (Leo). This can take place within one psyche, or be played out in personal conflict with another. Conflict could be ignited with the Moon in a square aspect to Uranus, in the personal signs. Ceres, the asteroid representing a collective and a generation of bounty (in Taurus) that Venus can now draw upon, is now in opposition (180 deg) and able to regenerate (Scorpio) personal power (Venus) and support (Taurus).

Monday September 26th – The Moon in Leo is trine (120 deg aspect) Saturn in Sagittarius (fire signs) and could claim, thus, some political or philosophical stability. The standards may be changing. What was in yesterday may be out today, as polls remain volatile. Mars in the final degree of Sagittarius could tip the scales (Jupiter in Libra is the dispositor of Mars and Saturn) either way. The Sun conjunct Jupiter in Libra today gives more attention to the balance of interest. Venus, the dispositor of the Sun and Jupiter, in Scorpio and exactly forms a semisextile aspect (30 deg) to the brilliant pair, sets off luck with charm. Ceres retro in opposition keeps a balance and a goal in mind for the Venus role, settling disputes and misconceptions.  

Tuesday September 27th – As the Music plays- Venus in Scorpio is a purveyor of peace through sound. Venus is the harp and melody, and Jupiter and with the Sun in the sign of Venus‘ home – Libra, more enjoyment is sought through music. The Moon in Leo is trine to Uranus, as we take pride in our musical greats. Mars (direct energy) moves into Capricorn (ruled by Saturn). Mars is the ruler of Aries, and thus the dispositor of Uranus in our current era. While in Capricorn, Mars may demand change. Eventually those demands are at least recognized as they stir up the pot. Yet, Saturn does not yield, and the political space narrows. The reality show is real, and challenges become more focused as well (Mars in Capricorn) square aspect (90 deg) from Sun and Jupiter in Libra.  

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September 20, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel


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