Challenges at the Full Moon — September 7-14 2022


A fascinating week ahead! Mercury turns retrograde at the Full Moon in Pisces with the Sun trine aspect to Uranus on the 10th. We are at a crisis point almost everywhere. Unprecedented demands prompt a review as revelations continue to astound. On the political scene there are noteworthy points to DJT natal chart, as the full Moon is square aspect to natal Uranus in Gemini, and the conjunction of Merc retro with DJT’s natal Neptune and Jupiter retro in opposition on the 18th — Sunday of the following week. Mars transits his natal Uranus with Saturn trine on the 25th making this an extraordinary month of jeopardy for Trump. The rest of us may have various indications for the Full Moon aspect on the 10th in mutable signs. We may also awaken to facts of the ground that prompt adjustments in work related matters, in finances and general communications, as political and world views will, most likely, change. Events are parallel in time, although not necessarily contingent or dependent by cause and effect. The Full Moon chart for east coast USA (DC) has the Sun in the first House with Venus in the 12th House conjunction to the Ascendant of 7 deg Virgo. For Moscow and Keyv, the charts are the same, with the Sun in the 10th House, and Uranus in the 7th House and a conjunction to the descendent. Planets in the angular houses signify direct energy. For Jerusalem, the full Moon chart has the Sun in the 9th House, signifying political activities, with a national election scheduled for November 1st. Watch for action from Moscow and Kyiv this cycle, and more active diplomacy from Washington. Artemis has a new launch date of September 19th, in the final days of this lunar cycle. Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Libra re in mutual reception. 

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday September 7th — The Moon in Aquarius is sextile aspect to Jupiter retro in Aries early in the day, then completes the grand-trine formation in air signs, with Mercury in Libra trine aspectto Mars in Gemini. Those seeking advantage may succeed. An opposition aspect from Mercury to Jupiter in Aries is wide (2.5 deg), and weakening, although may be operating for some people or events, adding a sheen of glory. Mercury and Venus in Virgo are in mutual reception for friendly cooperation. Mercury slows to stationary prior to turning retrograde on Saturday, and a potential trine aspect to dynamic Mars in Gemini, stirring controversy. Communication is at ease, although reactions vary. Ceres in Leo is in an opposition aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. Younger generations may feel oppressed, unable to advance an agenda of jobs and housing. The Moon trine aspect to Mars and Mercury in air signs, some individuals can advance through actions and petitions seeking future promotions.

Thursday September 8th — The Moon in Aquarius makes a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, and then a conjunction aspect with Saturn shortly after. Aggressive actions could be triggered, although halted minutes later. Bombs may be deflected, or political actions denied. The Sun in Virgo is quincunx aspect to Chiron retro in Aries. Intuitive wisdom may be rejected for practical reasons. Venus in Virgo approaches the quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Aries. Combining the practical with an all-encompassing reach may be difficult. The will to succeed may overpower practical suggestions.

Friday September 9th — The Moon ingress to Pisces overnight (4:44 UT), and makes an opposition aspect to Venus in Virgo, as affairs reach a crisis of trust. Venus and Mercury in Libra are in mutual reception, (each the dispositor of the other) indicating friendly conversations. You could now work out differences as communications are good. Try to be sensitive to the partner’s needs.  The Sun in Virgo approaches the trine aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus. Powerful emotions could be destructive. Demands filtered through kindness work out better for achieving goals. Uranus is disposed of by Venus, so practical values resonate.  Mercury reverses apparent motion at about midnight (EDT) early morning on Saturday in Europe and locations east. Attempts are made to balance escalating radicalism with legal actions as Mercury is trine aspect to Mars in Gemini.

Full Moon Chart
Washington, DC

Saturday September 10th — The Full Moon in Pisces in the 7th House chart for the east coast of the US, [see image above] indicates contending with an adversary. The Sun in the 1st House, Mercury retro in the 2nd House of values and monetary issues, and Uranus retro with Rahu in the 9th House for controversial speech making. The west coast is alive with political activism with a stellium in the 9th House, Sun and Mercury retro in the 3rd House of neighbors and siblings, for local influence, while Uranus retro and Rahu in the 10th mark the day for administrative talks with possible reversals. The Full Moon chart for Kiyv/Moscow [see image below] has the Sun in the 10th House of administrative leadership, trine aspect to Uranus in the 7th House and a conjunction aspect with the descendant, the open adversary. This are pictures of what is in the world. We are subject to these powers, while in our individual lives we seek peace and happiness. Hopefully, the arc of history does bend toward justice. The Moon transits conjunction aspect to Neptune late in the day, and sextile aspect to Pluto, as reports of nuclear dangers increase anxiety of a sooner doomsday.

Full Moon Chart

Sunday September 11th — The Moon ingress to Aries early in the day, makes a conjunction aspect with Jupiter retro for renewed optimism, on this fateful day in history. The Moon makes a quincunx aspect to Venus in Virgo and an opposition aspect to Mercury retro in Libra, the two planets in mutual reception and semisextile to one another. Mercury retro doubly separates from the trine aspect to Mars in Gemini, with speakers more likely to denounce aggression. The Sun in Virgo doubly approaches the quincunx aspect to Saturn retro in Aquarius, and trine aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus, as Saturn approaches the square aspect to Uranus. Leaders make assurances to calm nerves, projecting an aura of security.

Monday September 12th — The Sun in Virgo quincunx aspect to Saturn retro in Aquarius indicates difficulties in implementing the repair work needed. While Mercury retro in Libra seeks balance, and Venus in Virgo implements needed energy for repair. Saturn plying to the square aspect with Uranus in Taurus seeks to stabilize the radical and regressive instincts. We may be far ahead in this plan, having already counted for the measures needed.  A Yod formation with the Sun quincunx aspect to Saturn and the Moon in Aries reduces internal pressures, allowing for creative advances.   

Tuesday September 13th — The Moon ingress to Taurus early today, afternoon hours in Europe and points eastward. The Moon’s dispositor is Venus in Virgo, as the trine aspect from the Moon to Venus late in the day, gives a sense of accomplishment. A quincunx aspect to Mercury retro in Libra challenges the practical application of theory. Mercury approaches the opposition aspect to Jupiter retro in Aries, challenging appointments as unfair, while Venus approaches the square aspect to Mars in Gemini, conflicts develop in the workplace; legal intervention may be necessary to restore worker rights.

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September 6, 2022
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