Ceres the Reformer – Week of July 22-28 2015


This week, Venus in Virgo is bound to bring up details that were overlooked in the past. Investigations get a more thorough review, and candidates for high office are scrutinized for details previously unknown to the public. The Sun and Mercury enter Leo, the sign of the Sun‘s rulership, so pride as well as exposure is at stake. Mars (action) is square aspect to Uranus (rapid fall or elevation) on the 25-26th of July. Venus and Uranus turn retrograde on the 26th, as more details are exposed, the spotlight on individuals can bring out past deeds that remove them from the list of candidates for high office, or even in the judicial realm, as the Moon transits Saturn retro in Scorpio and enters Sagittarius (mutable fire sign) on July 26th.

Then, I take look at Ceres, a dwarf planet (see references at the end of this article). This is the largest of the objects in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It has important significance in the astrological field, as Ceres shows how a native is passionate about reform and empowering others through the sign of its natal placement.

Wednesday July 22nd – The volatile Mars-Uranus square aspect could be triggered by the Moon‘s transit in aspect to the two aggressive planets, late hours US time (10 PM PDT). The Moon in Libra is today in a square aspect (90 deg) to Mars, and opposition (180 deg) aspect to Uranus. This sets for stage for the investigations (Venus in Virgo) that follow, from the crisis stage at the 1st quarter lunar phase. While self-interest may come to light at this time, we can also use this energy in problem solving. Discoveries and scientific advances can be made at this time, as well.

First Quarter Moon July 24 2015

First Quarter Moon
July 24 2015

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Thursday July 23rd Mars and Uranus remain in a close 90 deg angle, a square aspect today. The Moon no longer provides a balance point, as it moves on in Libra today, entering Scorpio in the late evening hours (2 am GMT on the 24th ). However, during these hours today, the Moon will be in a 60 deg sextile aspect to Jupiter and Venus, an easy aspect, although effort is required to reach good results. A follow-up from issues of the previous day could produce results. Mercury enters Leo, in close conjunction with the Sun. Creative works, publications and dramatic productions are favored in Leo. As the Moon enters Scorpio, it will be a focal point, square to Sun and Mercury in Leo, and with the asteroid Ceres opposing, a point of stability could evolve. Yet, it is passing. Mercury (rationality) can actually be combust for most of the day, before superseding the Sun. In the combust location, the planet can not act on its own. It could indicate a mental breakdown, or lack of communication, such as suffering a sunstroke, or denial of service for some systems. Saturn in a square aspect to the mid-point of Jupiter-Venus also is a trigger for rulings, fateful events and outcomes that, while not of great personal benefit, may settle arguments and limit greed.

Friday July 24th Mercury, now having traveled past the conjunction with the Sun, now is able to fully participate in the celestial display, and we are again free to speak our minds, communication avenues are open again. The planetary pair is interestingly in opposition to Ceres, sometimes referred to as a dwarf planet. In Aquarius, Ceres helps create a sense of social justice in humanity. This is perfect for the times, as the need for social justice, has never seemed greater. This could be a potential release of prisoners who have served time beyond a proportionate length intended to curb criminal actions. With the Moon in a square aspect to this opposition, a sense of social justice may at least be initiated. Barach Obama’s natal chart shows that social justice and reform have always been his ambition. Ceres in his natal chart is in Taurus, with a Grand Trine formation including Saturn and Mars in earth signs, and square to Uranus in Leo.

Saturday July 25th – As the 1st quarter Moon passes, a new cycle develops. Obama is forging a compassionate campaign for social justice, a failing of the US in recent decades. This week with transiting Sun and Mercury conjunct Obama’s natal Mercury and opposed to natal Jupiter on the Ascendant-Decendant axis, a strong angular position, two of the strongest points in an astrological chart, he is sure to get some action. His stated goals are for economic reform and social welfare programs.

Sunday July 26h – The Moon enters Sagittarius, where debate on issues of judicial change and social justice continue, as the Moon is sextile to Ceres, and then trine to the Sun and Mercury and square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Venus in square aspect to the Moon, turns retrograde. A self-absorbed nation looks to reforms and a new presidential campaign. Reform that most effectively starts at the top. Neptune in Pisces is it’s own dispositor, in the sign it rules, and is exceedingly strong. The gathering of large populations in refugee camps, in prisons and mental institutions, as Neptune absorbs and traps large segments of any nations people. Neptune, a planet offering refuge, and Pisces the sign of universal suffering and one should begin to repair and reform the world at home. As a world leader, the US has a tarnished image, and only working on its own social and economic systems can bring about world change.

Monday July 27th – Now in the second decant (10 deg) of Sagittarius, the Moon is trine to Obama’s natal Sun in Leo, giving him an ideal time to speak about reform. On July 16th he spoke at the NAACP, but promised to pressure the judicial system more. Venus in Virgo, and moving from stationary to retrograde, is strong in a sign that represents service and health. Relating to conditions of those behind bars, in prisons, refugee camps and hospitals, encourages us to improve conditions, and of course, budgeting for reform is necessary. While these issues are being discussed, Mars in Cancer is trine Chiron in Pisces, showing that the arrows are finally pointing in the right direction. Prison reform is vital for the health of the nation. Obama’s natal Ceres is in Taurus, a placement shows his concern with, and goal to reform, the basic needs of humanity.

Tuesday July 28th – The Moon in Sagittarius is trine to Uranus and then Jupiter today, perhaps bringing unexpected rewards. Jupiter is also the dispositor of the Moon in Sag, giving more emphasis to increased benefits through judicial reform, or any social reform. Philosophical issues are discussed, while action itself could be delayed. Jupiter is in square aspect to Saturn, so that harsh conditions prevail, as Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception. A battle to reform over-crowded prison conditions has just begun. In March 2016, the two planets are again in square aspect, in mutable signs, Virgo and Sagittarius. Social reform is a lengthy process. President Obama, with Saturn and Jupiter conjunct on his ascendant, is a promoter of social change. While we see Jupiter more than Saturn, his natal Moon trines Jupiter, Saturn gives continuity and stability to his approach. With Scorpio on the MC,(10th house cusp), he will be remembered as a social transformer.

Ed note:  error in date for Tuesday corrected 27 July.

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Pray for judicial reforms and rehabilitation as a goal for prisoners.

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July 22, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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