Capricorn’s Stellar Power – Week of December 20-26 2017 


Saturn in Capricorn is a new astrological feature, likely to produce during its lengthy stay of about 3 years and one half year. During this time the building blocks or structure for the future are created, however permanent that may be. Looking ahead, Saturn’s conjunction (close to 0 degree longitude) with Pluto occurs in two years time, when there will also be a stellium in Capricorn, a time that could again rearrange major alliances on the world stage.  A stellar shape of power constellates to take control of major population areas with advanced scientific surveillance. Jupiter’s trine aspect (120 deg, easy) Uranus in earth signs, in December 2019, just two years away, to implement legal surveillance. 2018 may be the true 1984. The conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn in 2020 could also indicate another major transformation of power in international government leadership. There is always hope with the knowledge that there is universal guidance for our world.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday December 20thUranus retro in Aries is in a trine aspect to Venus in Sag to open the week perhaps a philosophical tone captivates the day. The unexpected and the unusual is still the leading force as we break new ground. Saturn moves into Capricorn, the sign of its rulership, as the sign Saturn has the most affinity for, and therefore becomes most effect as its true nature will be felt. The Moon also in Capricorn, paves the way, heralding a new era as it were, and later the Moon’s conjunction with Pluto solidifies the alliances in power.  Today we can get some indication of where that future may lie. Make your general plans for the year ahead, as you will fill in the details as you go along.       

Thursday December 21st – The Moon in Aquarius is square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Mars in Scorpio today, as we may try to eliminate secret alliances or overcome an economic crisis. Mars in the “yin” or receptive sign of Scorpio is digging deeper into the social relationship revelations of abuse and secrecy. Aquarius will be more detached, as an air sign, and a positive “yang” sign, may find voyeuristic pleasure in the process. Neptune in Pisces is trine aspect (120 deg, easy) the midpoint of the MarsJupiter wide conjunction in Scorpio. This tends to dissolve or even criminalize intense experiences, may also absorb to a degree and while expanding, also obliterate the line between fact and reality.



December 22 2017

Friday December 22nd – At the solstice, (see above image) the SaturnSun conjunction emphasizes the importance of the year ahead, for personal health, especially for bones and skin, as Saturn rules over the spinal human structure. Political power structures, the backbone of the nations are also clarified. There is an indication now of what the future work is for alliances and power, for nation building and protection of the populations. Saturn is about protection and structure as well as stability.  Health and economic goals set now as you chose the medium to advance toward them. Mercury returns to direct motion.  The Moon in Aquarius opposes (180 degree aspect, tense) Ceres retrograde in Leo, as futuristic plans may oppress more emotional expressions of sports and creativity. In the winter months, Ceres is in mourning for her lost daughter, as winter blights the lands.    

Saturday December 23rd –The Moon moves from Aquarius into Pisces today, early morning US times, for a more emotionally based experience this weekend.  With a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Mars later in the day, anticipations of unity and shared experience are strong.  Limitations are evident, however, and as disappointment may follow excessively high expectations of gain in monetary investments. The Sun in Capricorn teaches us to control and focus in order to channel power. Limitations are useful when not used for greed or cruelty. Refrain from ungrounded emotions and from over-stimulation from alcohol or narcotics, as this may be a temptation now.

Sunday December 24th – The Moon in Pisces conjunct (apparent 9 deg longitude) to Neptune and trine to Mars for early morning risers is sure to be exciting and maybe inspiring.  Venus enters Capricorn later in the day as the Moon trines Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio. Giving to charity is a blessing and will increase spiritual awareness. VenusSaturn conjunction in Capricorn adds a somber note to the day. Tradition could be enhanced, however, as new meaning is found in old stories. Ceres at 17 deg Leo is in a square aspect (90 deg, conflicting) to Jupiter in Scorpio, as deep emotions and loss are expressed.

Monday December 25thVenus conjunction to Saturn (0 deg longitude) and a Pisces Moon make this a day of tradition and nostalgia. While the years gone by recede in importance, bonding with loved ones is important. The Moon transits Chiron, the inner guide and wounded healer, could release pain with compassion as we stand by traditional observance. Perfection in glorious color (Saturn conj Venus in Cap) is pleasing to the eye and lightens the mood. Avoid over-indulgence to get the most out of the day.   

Tuesday December 26th – The Moon in Aries with the 1st quarter Moon phase today brings a motivating lift in spirit, with hope for a brighter future.  While travel, especially long distance travel was problematic in some areas during the transits of Sagittarius, wireless communication may now be in greater vogue. The Moon is in a quincunx aspect (150 deg, creative or problematic) to Mars by mid-day, and will also trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Mercury as speed of communication increases. Fires may be finally extinguished and some normalcy returned in the coming weeks. Certainly the trine aspect (120 deg, easy) from Uranus in fiery Aries added to the fire concentration and size in California, both for speed and error. Settling accounts is now in order as the past is surveyed in preparation for the future.
Have a great week. Enjoy it to the fullest. Thanks for reading my forecast for the week.

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December 19, 2017   
Jerusalem, Israel



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