Blue Virtual Convention -August 12-19 2020

This week, the Moon transits from Taurus to Leo for the New Moon in Leo Tuesday evening, during the Democratic Party Convention in Milwaukee, WI. Joe Biden will officially be nominated as the party candidate for President. The Convention date on the morning of August 17, shows the Sun and Mercury in a conjunction aspect at the 26th degree of Leo        (the full degree following the conjunction). The Sun and Mercury form quincunx aspects to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and a trine aspect to Mars in Aries. The goal to unseat the incumbent is strongly emphasized during this convention.  With Virgo on the ascendant, and Neptune opposing the Ascendant degree from Pisces in the 7th House, it is an ethereal display, with practical intent.  Uranus in Taurus is trine aspect the ascendant degree, as are the planets in CapricornPluto and Saturn, while Jupiter has a stronger trine aspect to the Ascendant, for a spirited hope to replace the incumbent. 

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday August 12thWith Mars approaching the square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Pluto — quite compulsive about organizing, and self-care — dieting and exercise should be tempered with realistic goals, such as Saturn could provide.  With the Moon in Taurus and in a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Pluto and Saturn early today, we can accomplish those goals, and set ourselves on a path for better health.  If afflicted by the covid-19 disease, taking care of daily health requirements is even more vital. The Moon moves into Gemini, giving more choice, allowing for more conversations with friends and family.  Without companions, taking to writing your daily progress could ease the pain. Venus in Cancer could give inspiration with a semi-sextile aspect (30 deg, mildly favorable).  The Sun in Leo makes a quincunx aspect (150 deg, creative) to Neptune in Pisces, as some humor can be applied. Dark humor could even be relaxing in this interim.

Thursday August 13thMars in Aries square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Pluto in Capricorn continues to strengthen, as compulsive violence erupts, while having little effect in accomplishing goals. Mercury in Leo and a quincunx aspect (150 deg, complex) to Jupiter in Cap, accompanies the Sun in Leo quincunx to Pluto in Cap, could denote heated exchanges, while the Sun is trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Mars in Aries, adding partisanship to the conflict.

Friday August 14th – The Moon in Gemini is sextile aspect (60 deg, helpful) to the Sun in Leo and trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Mars in Aries, as mediators try to negotiate a compromise plan. The Sun approaches a quincunx aspect to Pluto (150 deg, complex) The Moon is in a quincunx aspect to Pluto, making a Yod formation, and Saturn in Cap, indicates that maneuvering to avoid a total collapse continues.  Mercury in Leo makes quincunx aspects to both Jupiter in Cap and Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter still in a wide sextile aspect to Neptune. This Yod formation could indicate ingenuity and thus a solution agreed on.

Saturday August 15th – With Mars in Aries square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Pluto in Cap and, at the same time, trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to the Sun in Leo, as focused ambitions arise, even in conflict to entrenched powers. Leadership is favored, as re-assignments are made. The Moon is at a conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) to Venus in Cancer, celebrating candidates for office. A square aspect from the MoonVenus pair to Chiron in Aries denotes the critical reviews made.

Sunday August 16th – The Moon in Cancer today is in an opposition aspect (180 deg, tense) to Jupiter in Capricorn and then in a trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Neptune in Pisces, as passionate speeches are made. Jupiter retro has moved 5 degrees orb from the conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) with Pluto in Cap, making social differentiation from the herd mentality clearer. Mars disengages from the square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Pluto as the trine aspect to the Sun is partile (exact).  Constituents rally around the leader. The Sabian Symbol for the 25th degree of Leo resonates: “A Man Alone Daringly Crosses the Desert on Camelback” interpreted as “Superiority of knowledge and will over hostile nature. Mental self-control. Spiritual strength in facing past Karma.” Mercury transits to a conjunction aspect with the Sun. Uranus starts its retrograde phase, sextile aspect (60 deg helpful) to Venus Expect the unexpected in relationships.

Blue Convention Opening Day
Aug 17, 2020
Milwaukee, WI
8:00 AM

Monday August 17th – The Moon in Leo today will transit Mercury and the Sun, for the New Moon aspect close to midnight CDT US on Tuesday, as the Democratic Party convention concludes its first day. Mercury in a conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) with the Sun, when the media flock to the convention hall. As the attendance is limited (Saturn in cap is in a wide conjunction aspect with Pluto), but as ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is the dispositor of Pluto and Jupiter, much of the speech making will be over remote video.  Mars in Aries is still within orb of the trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to the SunMercury conjunction, as activities are energetically carried out. The Moon square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Uranus retro in Taurus by mid-day contributes to unexpected events and possible delays in the virtual arrangements. Venus in Cancer is in a sextile aspect (60 deg, helpful) with Uranus, helping to smooth over any technical complications. The younger participants may not get the full exposure they desire with the quincunx aspect (150 deg, complex) from the Moon to Ceres, but their presence is given a creative notice. The heavy quincunx contacts between the Sun-Mercury in Leo and Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn show the inspiration present in the event. Mars in Aries trine aspect to Sun-Mercury show the enthusiasm, while the square aspect to Pluto-Saturn from Mars warn of dangers, of political ramifications and uncertain outcomes.     

Tuesday August 18th – The Moon is in quincunx aspects (150 deg, complex) to Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, a momentary Yod formation at a highpoint in the Convention. Venus in Cancer and sextile aspect (60 deg, helpful) to Uranus in Taurus indicates a pyrotechnical display for entertainment, as Venus is disposed of by the Moon in Leo. The New Moon in Leo is at 9:43 PM in Milwaukee, WI, is quincunx aspect to Saturn retro in Capricorn, as virtual participants rally around the virtually nominated candidates, taking a firm stand for the campaign ahead. Mars in Aries square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to the midpoint of Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn ignites a celebratory atmosphere, and the charismatic appeal of the candidates.  Or you may just want to download a movie instead.

Thanks for reading this preview of the week ahead. Stay safe, wear your mask and watch the distance.

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August 11, 2020

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