Anguish Leads to Full Moon – Week of July 13-19 2016


The lengthy transit of Jupiter in Virgo (Aug 2015-Sep 2016), with the retrograde phase and return to direct, has been a time for personal and social learning, including pain and suffering, including health issues needing attention, persistent defects in social awareness and a time for review of process in dealing with violence and the cause of social unrest.

Virgo is a detailed-oriented and task-oriented sign.  It is the mutable earth sign of the zodiac. Working out details, finding solutions through analysis (ruled by Mercury) and applying the solutions, as Jupiter, the planet most aligned with integrating experience, acts as the agent for change, for greater understanding and a practical approach to events that are a result of social or personal neurosis. The neurotic elements are magnified by the clashes that are produced as Jupiter transits Virgo. While we are also in a time of breaking down barriers (Uranus in Aries) and rooting out emotionally based distress (Mars in Scorpio) we may also be inclined led to the final analysis of having to give up some treasured beliefs.

Summary of major aspects of the week

Wednesday July 13th  – The Moon in Scorpio today, as a sign of retreat or solitude, a sign of cautions control in the face of emergency, and as the fixed water sign of the zodiac, a time of regenerating, a time of death and renewal. The Moon’s opposition to Uranus just a day ago was likely to bring to awareness upsetting issues.  Revolutionary ideals and calls for social and economic justice ring in the collective ears of the collective consciousness. Mars in Scorpio is in harmony with the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, as water signs predominate today, with sympathetic sounds for victims of violence are reverberating. We can be brought together under such circumstances, sharing and giving emotional support. Recovery takes time. Mercury moves into Leo late in the day, to dramatize our situation.

Thursday July 14th – The Sun will be in a trine aspect to the Moon, as the Moon will then also conjunct Mars and trine Chiron.  This may trigger the grand trine of planets in water signs.  Emotions will flow easily, and the passion of Scorpio, the protective self-interest of Cancer, could be only moderated by Chiron’s understanding of the depth of the emotions released, and will not be able to delay the impact. Oppression is naturally understood at the deep sub-conscious level. Scorpio personifies this through power that is not easily accepted by others. The quincunx from Mars to Uranus is again active and could be more focused and directed.  

Friday July 15th – The Moon enters Sagittarius today, as the legal opinions and religious leaders speak out. Sport heroes also make a name today with the trine to Venus and Mercury in Leo. The Grandtrine configuration in water signs persists, as calls for justice ring out. The Moon meets with Saturn later in the day, which could help to cool tempers. A calming voice can help to spread hope for the future.

Saturday July 16th – The internalizing of social unrest at a personal level takes place with the Moon in a square aspect to both Jupiter and the mid-point of NeptuneChiron in Pisces. A more universal approach is helpful to put everything into perspective. We can empathize with the suffering of others from personal experience of oppression which we all feel at one time or another. Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Leo, as a more enjoyable mood surfaces.

Sunday July 17th – The Moon trine Uranus in the morning hours US time zones, afternoon in the Middle East and Europe, is also in a quincunx aspect to the Sun, a square aspect to Chiron and a trine aspect to Ceres in Aries. As Jupiter is the dispositor of the Moon, we can hope for a greater integration of personal experience vis-a-vis the social upheaval. We become more united through a crisis, gaining in a shared experience of a crisis that no one wants. The Moon moves into Capricorn allowing for a cultural standard to form.

Monday July 18thMercury and Venus in Leo are doubly approaching a trine with Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius; we might again see the sport of target practice on the decline, as more people give up personal firearms. Limits are put on ownership; measures could now be accepted through legislation.   

July 19, 20016 Full Moon

July 19, 20016
Full Moon

Tuesday July 19th – The Full Moon today in Capricorn could bring some resolution to legal limits on personal rights for self-protection. A more acceptable definition is sought for the personal rights of individuals. Police actions are also reviewed. Authority without accountability can run amuck. Mercury trine Saturn could represent the demand for reasonable controls on established political groups. Regulations concerning sports events and epidemics (Neptune in Pisces) such as the Zika tragedies are considered (Mercury in Leo is quincunx Neptune in Pisces).

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July 12, 2016

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