An Ungraceful Transition of Power — January 13-20 2021

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Overview January 13-20, 2021

The New Moon indicates the beginning of a cycle, translating into a favorable time for starting new agendas, new projects and, of course, for planting seeds metaphorically or actual. One development that is universal in effect is the coronavirus vaccines that is being administered world-wide. Another indication of the dissolution of the past cycle was made as the electoral votes were counted in Congress, an event that was interrupted violently. A new phase has begun as Mr. Joe Biden was confirmed by the joint houses of Congress. As the old dissolves, look for the signs of new growth in the coming week. Individual leaders take a stand, as new alliances are made. The situation that developed over the past week showed the faces of the groups interested in promoting Trump, and on the failed attempt to overturn the election. While a relatively small group participated in the attempt, others, including elected officials aided and abetted the actions. Laws were broken and punishments will be applied. This may seem like a continuation of the old cycle, as the old dissolves in chaos with the Sun and Moon in a conjunction with Pluto.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday January 13th — A New Moon in Capricorn overnight in the US time zones, morning hours in the eastern half of the  globe. While the Moon in Capricorn advances, the Sun is in a conjunction aspect with Pluto for the next 3 days (at 23-25 ° Capricorn). The Moon ingress to Aquarius early today, with void-of-course hours in the eastern hemisphere until afternoon or evening, and in the US from midnight until mid-morning. During these hours, it is not advisable to enter into binding contracts. Although the conjunction aspect of the Sun to Pluto is a time when transformations are possible, any agreements should not be finalized during the void-of-course hours, as such agreements will need revisions or fail to meet expectations.  The Moon conjunctions to Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury after the void-of-course hours, as the Sun reaches partile conjunction aspect with Pluto, signifies that social contracts are then made that will endure for an extended time of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and the opportunity to reform not only oneself, but also participate in the institutional reforms taking place. Venus in Cap is trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus as practical considerations are applied to far-sighted reforms. Jupiter in Aquarius is square aspect to Uranus as the necessity for reform becomes overwhelmingly obvious. Before reform can take place, the offending matter must be removed.

Thursday January 14th – The crescent Moon is in Aquarius as the Mars in Taurus square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius strengthens overnight as possibly incidents of violent conflicts increase, including that of violent demonstrations. Opposition develops to reforms, as individual personal financial status may be threatened.  The rights of the collective gain priority over the individual struggling economically. Mars is disposed of by Venus in Cap, as individual rights for opportunities gain recognition as well.

Inner chart natal of Donald Trump
Outer chart transits on January 15, 2021
Transiting Pluto and Sun Opposition to natal Saturn and Venus

Friday January 15th — As the MarsSaturn square aspect continues in effect, dissatisfaction with proposals are voiced. Saturn in Aquarius is disposed of by Uranus, thus a festering discontent is disquieting. The Sun in Capricorn moves out in advance of Pluto in the zodiac cycle, although still within the orb of influence of the conjunction aspect with Pluto. This conjunction aspect is in opposition aspects to the planets in Cancer of the now degraded president Trump, who has natal Saturn and Venus in Cancer.  Using the Placidus House allocations, Cancer is intercepted in Trump’s natal 11th House. This house of like-minded friends signifies his loyal followers. With the opposition aspect to Pluto-Sun in Cap, his followers and loyalists are under pressure. Many of those who stormed and ransacked the Capitol are under arrest. Others are being investigated. As the Sun separates from Pluto, Mercury carries the message. On January 4th and 5th, Mercury was in conjunction with Pluto. Today, Mercury in in Aquarius, having formed conjunction aspects with Saturn and Jupiter (conflicting powers) and moves ahead faster than one degree a day, and will turn retrograde on January 31st, as the protest turned siege is broadcast to the world digitally and by other media. Jupiter in a square aspect to Uranus inflates the animosity leading to another demonstration that could turn violent.

Saturday January 16thUranus in Taurus turns direct apparent motion as Mars in Taurus leaves the orb of influence of the square to Saturn in Aquarius and progresses to a conjunction aspect with Uranus. With Saturn now unable to restrain the focused energy of Mars, individuals acting alone could take up action to disrupt proceedings. The Moon in Pisces is sextile aspect to Mars and Uranus early in the day, with calls for renouncing violence.  Jupiter in Aquarius and a square aspect to Uranus, with Uranus the dispositor of Jupiter could increase incitement, but on the other had could more toward a transformation of individual responsibility. Uranus undergoes a change in the nature of force, by changing directions and with aspects to Jupiter and the Moon.  The Moon transits Neptune late in the day or, depending on location, early morning on the 17th, inspiring individual acts of a non-conformist nature.  

Sunday January 17th — The Moon in Pisces is in sextile aspect to Pluto and the Sun in Capricorn by mid-day, giving strength to obsessive dismantling of dissident organizations. Jupiter in Aquarius is squares aspect to Mars and Uranus as the conjunction forms, enhancing the power the revolutionary actions. The reforms may succeed, but they will be challenged. The Moon ingress to Aries late in the day.

Monday January 18th — The Moon in Aries makes a sextile aspect to Saturn in Aquarius early in the day, and a semi-sextile to Mars follows. Efforts to discourage or dismantle demonstrations proceed prior to the Inauguration event on Wednesday represented by the Moon in Aries, join forces with law enforcement (Saturn). Taming the radical Uranus-Mars conjunction is the focus. The Moon is disposed of by Mars, as aggressiveness is prevalent.  Jupiter on Aqu and square aspect to MarsUranus in Taurus could inflate the determination on both the side of law enforcement and of demonstrators intent on disrupting the inaugural event that will formalize Trump’s loss of power.

First Quarter Moon
January 20, 2021

Tuesday January 19th — As the Moon in Aries is in a square aspect to Venus in Capricorn, messages of support are transmitted from the heads of state of nations around the world. The Moon then proceeds to a sextile aspect with Mercury in Aquarius, empowering media communication. The Sun ingress to Aquarius at 2:41 PM EST, forming a stellium in Aquarius. The Moon is in a square aspect to Pluto in Cap in the late afternoon, EST, as alerts for action are likely to bring more arrests.  The quarter Moon aspect will happen after 4 PM on Inauguration day, although its influence could permeate the air, as the change of power figures takes place. A crisis may develop for some who preferred another candidate.

Thanks for reading this preview of the week ahead. Stay safe, wear your mask and watch the distance.

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January 12, 2021
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