All Things at the Equinox — March 17-24 2021


The Moon transits from Taurus to Leo this week, while the Sun ingress Aries at the equinox on March 20. The exact time of the equinox varies depending on location of the viewer. There is a stellium of planets in Pisces until March 20 when the Sun ingress Aries. Venus follows the Sun to ingress Aries on the 21st (Sunday), with the Moon ingress to Cancer for the square aspect totheSun, an emotional impact. Saturn trine aspect to Mars and Mercury sextile aspect to Uranus make Sunday an eye-opening day. Saturn trine aspect Mars generates energy, even though it is an easy aspect of acceptance, effective on Monday in the building phase of MarsSaturn cycle, it could initiate new challenges. The Moon transits to the opposition aspect to Pluto in Capricorn with Mercury square aspect to Mars, indicating that responses to challenges are harsh and immediate. The Moon in opposition aspect to Pluto on Tuesday is a test for establishment power. The ingress of the Moon to Leo follows with a trine to Venus conjunction aspect with the Sun in Aries, an acceptance, although a harsh message is sent with Mercury square aspect to Mars.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday March 17th — The Moon in Taurus separates from the square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius before daybreak, and transits to the square aspect with Jupiter in Aquarius. Legal restraints may allow more freedom as a result. A difficult process leads to greater satisfaction, although some compromise is required as the Moon is sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces. A social gathering results in an increase in the spread of Covid-19 disease.    

Thursday March 18thVenus in Pisces plays a pivotal role today, with sextile aspects to Pluto in Capricorn and to the Moon in Taurus. The Moon in Taurus represents personal values, and in a trine aspect to Pluto, respects power. Venus moderates to request assistance so that adjustments in plans can be made. The Moon sextile aspect to Venus and the Sun late in the day (morning on Friday in the eastern hemisphere) when reserve resources become depleted. The Moon ingress to Gemini follows.

Friday March 19th — The Moon in Gemini makes a square aspect to Mercury in Pisces, with a softer approach to issues of welfare, then a conjunction aspect to Mars and trine aspect to Saturn in Gemini, imposing restrictions on achieving goals, although structure is vital for agreements. Read the fine print before signing. The Sun ingress to Aries takes place overnight US time zones. With Mercury, Neptune and Venus in Pisces, ambitions must be tempered with compassion to succeed. 

Spring Equinox
March 20, 2021

Saturday March 20th — The first full day with the Sun at 0° Aries; new horizons are envisioned, as the dispositor of the Sun is Mars in Gemini.  However, Mars must accept limitations imposed by Saturn, requiring a restructuring of plans. Being mindful of economy allows for greater achievement. The Moon in a trine aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius with an increase of opportunity to travel, especially by air. There is a desire to expand horizons. The Moon, in a square aspect to Neptune at mid-day (EDT) and trine aspect to Jupiter, indicates that investigations uncover dubious actions, possibly resulting in criminal indictments, as the Moon transits DJT’s natal Uranus and Sun in Gemini, resulting in his change of status.

Sunday March 21stVenus ingress to Aries while in a conjunction aspect to the Sun early in the day, while the Moon ingress to Cancer makes a square aspect to both the Sun and Venus. Intentions are made clear on this day of the first quarter Moon phase. Crisis develops in the open. The Moon in a square aspect to Chiron by evening with and a trine aspect to Mercury.  An element of shock exists with the sextile aspect between the Moon and Uranus, and Uranus sextile to Mercury.  Information released has the power to heal. Mars trine aspect to Saturn increases in strength, as more details come out. Jupiter in a semi-sextile aspect to Neptune inflates the preposterous suppositions (claims). The Moon in a trine aspect to Mercury in Pisces indicates that conspiracy theories travel faster that fact.  

Monday March 22nd — As Mars in Gemini supersedes the trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, and the sextile aspect to Mercury in Pisces, more aggressive expressions are made concerning goals and ambitions. The Moon trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces overnight (morning hours in Europe and the ME) as emotions hopes and fears predominate. Incidents of infection rates of the Covid-19 illness give rise to anxiety. Election results in Israel are uncertain.

Tuesday March 23rd — The power of unconscious desires is strong today. You may feel oppressed by the situation. You may need to find an outlet for your emotions, but try to avoid excesses or irrational actions. The Venus conjunction aspect with the Sun in Aries helps to moderate expressions of authority. However, Jupiter in a semi-square aspect to the Sun raises expectations. Chiron in a semi-sextile aspect to Uranus reminds us that the wise attitude is to remain calm.  

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March 16, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

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