Air and Earth Empower at the Full Moon — August 18-25 2021


Earth signs are in a majority — speaking of the planets location in the signs of the zodiac. Air signs are also well represented this week. The Moon transits to Aquarius on Friday, and reaches the conjunction aspect with Saturn by evening in most locations, morning on Saturday in the far east. Venus in Libra makes a trine aspect to the Moon-Saturn midpoint on Friday, before the trine to Saturn on Monday with the Sun ingress to Virgo. Neptune is a singleton in water signs until the Moon ingress to Pisces on Sunday. The Earthquake in Haiti and the Taliban sweep in Afghanistan are escalating as the Moon transits from Scorpio to Pisces after a week filled with disaster. Mercury transcends Mars in Virgo this Wednesday-Thursday. Mars forms a trine aspect to Uranus on Sunday as the two situations deteriorate.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday August 18th — Venus in Libra, the sign of her rulership, is in a square aspect to the Moon in Capricorn early today. Perfection is desired, although balance and contrast conflict with the ideal image. Self-image or alter-ego image, the animus or anima, could find a compromise agreement. Mercury approaches the conjunction aspect with Mars in Virgo indicating that a thoughtful analysis of goals that can result in progress. It is important now to come to terms with self-identity and short-term goals in practical matters. The opposition aspect of the Sun to Jupiter in Aquarius becomes partile on Thursday, although is already within a significant alignment, a power struggle for loyalty gains strength. Mars in Virgo trine to Uranus in Taurus also gains influence, as long-term goals are formulated. Early morning In Kabul, Afghanistan with the Moon trine aspect to Mars and Mercury, and then progresses to a grand-trine configuration with Uranus in Taurus. A rapid change in ideology and authority is indicated with the ease of influence of the trine aspects. Chiron in Aries is in quincunx aspects to Mars and Mercury while a square aspect to the Moon ignites conflict with wisdom from the inner self.

Thursday August 19th — With the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan all but certain, the Moon conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn seems to finalize a significant shift in world power structures. The Sun in Leo and the opposition aspect to Jupiter retro in Aquarius reaching partile today, a power struggle to claim the will of the people takes place.  Neptune is the sole planet in a water sign, a singleton, and therefore acquires significant advantage as the water element has a natural power of persuasion In the universal sign of Pisces, able to gather power from among the people, forming a religious or cultural unity. An element of deceit or coercion may also be present. Neptune, as an orb of attributes, contains positive and negative features that may be wielded over large populations. The Moon in Capricorn makes a sextile aspect to Neptune in the afternoon in the US EDT, as an understanding of the situation in Kabul or the disaster in Haiti sinks in and policies begin to be formulated. As the Moon transits Pluto by evening, a response could be made public, and action implemented. Mercury in Virgo is trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, as emergency actions are broadcast. 

Friday August 20th — The Moon ingress to Aquarius, with a trine aspect from Venus in Libra, as the Moon approaches the conjunction aspect with Saturn retro in Aquarius. The lunar orb gathers the Venus good will to provide universally (Aquarius is a universal sign), although the profound influence is delayed a day or more as Venus doubly approaches the trine aspect with Saturn. This is an indication that promises are made, for aid in Haiti or evacuation in Kabul, that will be implemented as the Venus trine Saturn approaches. Mars in Virgo and in a trine aspect to Uranus retro doubly approaching in Taurus indicates a rapidly deteriorating situation in earth signs, as the need for basic assistance grows.  The Sun in Leo continues with an opposition aspect to Jupiter retro in Aquarius, as conflicts of leadership ensue and bravado claims victory.

Saturday August 21st — The Moon in Aquarius is square aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus early today, although quincunx aspects form with the Moon to Mars and Mercury in Virgo. Difficulties in providing assistance are anticipated. Competency is challenged, as dis-connects continue, and Internet services are interrupted.

Full Moon
August 22, 2021

Sunday August 22nd — The full Moon today at 29 deg Aquarius, on the cusp of Pisces, as idealistic responses shift to an emotionally based effort as the water sign of Pisces has universal empathy. The Moon ingress to Pisces follows at the full Moon phase. Here we see the relevance to life on earth of the Tropical system of astrology. The lunar shift is personal and intimate, affecting as the tides are affected by the lunar phases. While the horrors that unfolded this week were realized intellectually, now the emotional responses open the levels of assistance to victims of the earthquake in Haiti, and the innocent civilians in Afghanistan. The full Moon aspect follows the Moon’s conjunction aspect with Jupiter retro, in Aquarius, while the prospect of fulfilling the call for assistance begins to be realized, even bringing great joy. Mercury in Virgo in an opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces approaching at the full Moon as the assessments of the disaster are communicated. Ceres in a conjunction aspect with Rahu retro in Gemini shows how the younger technical generation responds to the calls for emergency assistance. Many who volunteer will also be promoted. Mars in Virgo and the trine aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus continues, as disasters are compounded with each passing day. The Sun ingress to Virgo, a shift in attitude, shedding arrogance and getting down to work is the call.  

Monday August 23rdVenus in Libra trine aspect to Saturn retro in Aquarius reaches partile (zero degree of separation) offering a more secure flow of relief commodities. The Moon in Pisces is sextile aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus as universal service helps to provide basic needs. The Moon transits to opposition aspects to Mars and Mercury in Virgo. Assistance that is sent directly may be distributed, although deception could also take place. A watchful guard is needed to avoid corruption.

Tuesday August 24th — The Moon in Pisces transits the conjunction aspect with Neptune pre-dawn in the US although mid-day in Kabul and eastern hemisphere locations, as basic assistance reaches the needy. There is a shift in the type of assistance needed, with psychological issues surfacing. The Pandemic resurge, although countered by inoculations, also has a psychological effect, as medical facilities are reaching capacity again.  Venus in Libra doubly approaches the opposition aspect with Chiron retro in Aries as individuals must adjust their decisions in response to the social requirements of the day. Younger generations find a direction, possibly a cause to align with as Ceres continues the conjunction aspect with Rahu. The Moon ingress to Aries is at 18:58 UT, mid-day in the US. A re-evaluation of personal goals now helps to adjust and prepare for a new cycle and a changed social and international environment.

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August 17, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

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