Addressing Universal Values – Week of March 30-April 5th 2016


The Moon in Sagittarius this week has helped to speed up actions on all levels, with easy trine aspects to the Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Aries. Fire signs predominate as planned changes are put into action.  The key is to have been far-sighted and have resources in line to activate. Saturn, Pluto’s dispositor in Sag, is strictly following protocol.  This will continue throughout the transit, as the two planets (Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Sagittarius) are harmonizing, refining and implementing structured programs. Saturn will leave Sag in Dec 2017, and team up with Pluto in January 2020, so we recommend that you get your 4-year plan outlined and in focus. Saturn in the current retrograde phase is good for reassessing action plans and realigning in view of current developments. The Pisces planets are preparing for a dispersion and renewal of the ages.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

March 30, 2016

March 30, 2016

Wednesday March 30th – With search and rescue missions well underway, Venus in Pisces is graced with the asteroids Ceres and Chiron, in close conjunction aspects.  The dwarf planets (asteroids) are the protective type for humanity. The Wounded Healer (Chiron) and the Umbrella aid Missions (Ceres) provide universal care in the sign of greatest empathy, the mutable water sign, Pisces. Jupiter, retrograde in Virgo still has a key position, although in the slow retrograde motion it is ponderous and lacks full expression. The collective will is undergoing a reassessment, and the jury is still out on many issues. Pisces planets tend to draw out, by opposition aspect, the resources of the majority.  The Moon in Capricorn shifts to an active control mode, putting knowledge into action, as Mercury approaches the conjunction with Uranus.

Thursday March 31st – The earth sign Capricorn is aggressive in implementing control. The Moon is in a square aspect to the Sun in Aries, as released energy empowers action to resolution of the cycle. It has become an Apple-FBI/CIA information technology war-whatever happens on the ground is secondary to control over informational details, privacy issues and top-secret national security priorities. The revelations achieved will not settle the dispute. Mercury approaching the annual conjunction with Uranus is a symbol and a guide to the archetypal battles, and while the battle may be over, the war continues. The Moon joins with Pluto later in the day, strengthening law and order in the role of power and reputed security. Revelations may then lead to gains in the war against opposing powers. The Moon is trine with Jupiter, swaying public opinion. The Empire strikes back.

Friday April 1st – As the Moon travels in Capricorn forming a square aspect (harsh- 90 deg) to Uranus and Mercury, while sextile (favorable-60deg) to ChironVenusCeres group in Pisces, the data analysis is in fact a power and intelligence release, and serves to protect a large number of people providing details and networks for defense and counter-intelligence operations. With Mars in Sag, the legal and political power issues continue, although Mars slows its motion turns retro in mid-April, showing that progress is slow in uncovering hidden resources. The red planet’s return to Scorpio late in May indicates a delay in undercover operations, with SaturnJupiter in a square aspect also reforming at that time.

Saturday April 2nd– The Moon in Aquarius is sextile to Mars in Sagittarius, as individuals (Moon) ascribing to Universal values (Aquarius) are working with legal issues (Mars in Sag) to resolve (sextile 60 deg) differing views. Pluto in Capricorn is square (harsh aspect) the midpoint of the SunUranus approaching conjunction. The Moon’s quincunx to Jupiter in Virgo and sextile to Saturn in Sag also occur later in this 24 hour time (today’s) report. Thus, the contact with the focal points in the current transits is made, and some discussions or decisions can be made.

Sunday April 3rd – An agreement can now be reached on the use of private intellectual property under strict conditions. Intelligence that saves lives has precedent over privacy. Other safeguards for privacy will probably be developed. New encryption devices and technology is only a step away. Neptune, the dispositor of the planets and asteroids in Pisces, continues the role of dissolving and blurring issues and limits.

Monday April 4th – The Moon transits to Pisces, joining with Uranus and the asteroids and Venus. This is a compatibility campaign, with compatible planets converging and communing with a trans-personal mode. The dissolution of extraneous issues, the proclaiming of empathetic values to appeal to audiences world-wide is the mode d’jour. Lovely Venus in Pisces is surrounded by healing energy.

Tuesday April 5th – The Moon opposes Jupiter today, polarizing issues, bringing Saturn and Pluto into focus, as principles involved are discussed on legal issues (Saturn in Sag).  However, power concerns (Pluto in Capricorn) are favored (trine aspect to Jupiter and sextile to the Moon), as even personal security is compromised in some cases.  More aggressive actions are taken (Mars is sextile to SunVenus midpoint in Aries). Venus enters Aries in conjunction with the Moon, as Mercury enters the earth sign Taurus, and a more outspoken sponsor is heard.  

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March 29, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel


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