A Week between Eclipses – Week of August 9-15 2017

While this week is a non-eclipse week, we still have interesting events astrologically.  Mercury turns retrograde on the 14th, giving a full week of Mercury at 11 deg Virgo. This may not seek too apparent, as Virgo is the worker behind the scenes. An opposition (180 deg conflict) to Neptune is avoided until mid-September, while Mercury returns to Leo for the 1st 10 days of September. Mercury is our active communicator and ruler of Virgo, analyzing data and researching the archives. When we finally get the results, drawing on all the multi-layers of intrigue (Neptune in Pisces) many mysteries can be expelled.  Neptune in Pisces is also the addiction epidemic, opiates and other drugs have wrecked havoc on society, destroying families and individual lives. Venus delves into mystery with the trine to Neptune and the Moon, activating interest. Venus opposition to Pluto (180 deg conflict) becomes exact by the 15th of August, could draw on the tremendous power of expertise and critical mass of influence to bring some clarity to situation, although self-protection may be invoked as well. Exposing the sources and use of illicit drugs becomes a national priority. We should relax and enjoy music this week or discover esoteric subjects of inquiry (Neptune is Pisces trine Venus in Cancer).

Wednesday August 9th – The Sun in Leo moves to a quincunx aspect (150 deg) to Pluto in Capricorn, as more enjoyment tends to release negativity, thus helping to heal wounds. The Sun is a life-giving and healing source, energizing the environment. Mercury is sextile to Venus in Cancer and semi-sextile to Mars in Leo, as our goals (Mars) for enjoyment (Leo) and pleasure (Venus in Cancer) are realized and align with the time. A sun-filled vacation is ideal for this week.

Thursday August 10thVenus in Cancer is in a sextile (60 deg) relationship with Mercury, as we share our plans, our hopes and some of what worries us about our future.  Communication skills are evident. Mercury gets a taste of the opposition to Neptune in Pisces, as the Moon is now conjunct (transit degree) to Neptune in Pisces. Mercury, however, is slow and heavy preparing to turn retrograde on the 14th of August. While there may be a pull on the addictive tract, there is also great concern for the plight of the addict. Avoid dissipation in pleasures that are destructive. Get help when needed to release your pain or suffering. Avoid self-medication. The Moon trine aspect to Venus in water signs Pisces and Cancer increases the emotional aspect, the lure of pleasure and oblivion of pain. The Moon in a quincunx aspect to Jupiter is complex relationships with partners or employment.  A more structured life is advantageous, with Saturn’s square aspect (90 deg harsh) from Sagittarius and Pluto sextile (90 deg, friendly) the Moon from Capricorn. Both Saturn and Pluto represent authorities in the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Friday August 11thMars in Leo and Venus in Cancer stay in a semi-sextile (30 deg, a fragile relationship) for several days. We may come to understand one another (the opposite gender) better during the coming week. Fire and Water do not easily mix (Leo-Fire, CancerWater) however a working relationship produces steam! Working for a political or ideological cause increases the quality of friendship. The Moon enters Aries, as new initiatives are formed. The Sun sextile to Jupiter (60 deg, friendly) gathers like minded people into the platform, the growing sense of urgency in the social or political realm.

Saturday August 12thVenus trine to Neptune in Pisces is partile (exact 120 deg aspect) today, as intuition and care combine for greater initiatives with Venus in Cancer (nursing or motherly care) square aspect (90 deg conflict) to the Moon in Aries (initiative). Parents and caregivers step forth to describe the victims of economic crisis, homelessness or the opioid epidemic.  Care for citizens who have fallen prey to one of the epidemics commands our attention. This link, one of the growing weak links in the social chain is concern for the situation of the youth in the country and worldwide. Neptune in Pisces can be a quagmire. Without effective help the situation is hopeless. Recognizing a problem does not happen if it is pushed away.

Sunday August 13th – As the Moon exists Aries it transits Uranus as well. The degree in Aries is in trine aspect (120 deg easy) to the eclipse point and could trigger events of a sudden, unexpected nature, such as wildfires, lightening storms, stock market activity in either direction for sudden gain or loss, or an unexpected turn of events. Mercury in the earth sign of Virgo turns retrograde, bringing more reflection and perhaps self-doubt and criticism for possible conflicts. Ceres at 14 deg Cancer is conjunct (0 deg aspect) to Venus and trine (120 deg aspect) Neptune in Pisces, two water signs, evoking protective care and empathy. Moving into Taurus, the Moon can generate more stability and sensitivity, and the need for comfort and basic services. The VenusPluto opposition becomes partile on the 15th of August. However, it is already having an effect in many quarters. Venus is the Moon’s dispositor, as the Moon transits Taurus (Venus is the ruler of Taurus and thus the dispositor of the Moon). Pluto could create obsessive needs that Venus would be obliged to provide (opposition dominant). Venus, with the trine aspect (120 deg easy) to Neptune is unable to extract herself from the situation, setting up an on-going relationship of obligation that could completely diminish the power of the caregiver. Universal health care providers could also be affected and so diminished.

August 14, 2017
Moon in 3rd Quarter

Monday August 14th – The Moon continues in Taurus today, making aspects with many planets, while the Sun is trine (120 deg, easy) to Saturn. An active day that could bring some outstanding issues to a conclusion. The Moon is trine to Mercury retrograde, and square (90 deg, harsh aspect) to Mars and the Sun while sextile (60 deg) to Venus, then making a trine (120 deg easy) aspect to Pluto. The trine between Pluto and Mercury is wide, and separating, although the Moon (in the earth sign Taurus) may draw the three earth sign planets to a harmonious relationship for a few hours today. Some worrisome, chronic and growing concerns may be given consideration, such as budgetary concerns for the nation’s health care system.

Tuesday August 15thVenus and Ceres in an opposition aspect (180 deg conflict) is a tug of war for commodities and service providers. Ceres is an indication of abundance and care, Pluto draws away from the VenusCeres pair, but is unable to actually dismiss the claims, and is finally obliged to follow the legislated law (Saturn retro in Sag).  The Moon transits into Gemini in the afternoon for more communication and published announcements. Some details need to be worked out, as the Moon is square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Mercury retro later in the day. A late agreement is (hopefully) reached.  

Hope you have a fun and safe week!

Jerusalem, Israel
August 8, 2016

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