A Universal Reset — July 7-14 2021


Venus and Mars in Leo are heading for the conjunction aspect by July 13th. Uranus in Taurus is forming a square aspect to the midpoint of Venus and Mars on the 7th and a square aspect to Venus on the 8th-9th of July. Uranus seeks to raise the level of the vibration, by first disrupting so that a transformation can take place. The Moon in Gemini forms a conjunction aspect with Mercury on the 7th and then transits into the sign of Cancer. The New Moon — a conjunction aspect of the Moon and Sun — is on the 9th (US time zones), and early morning on the 10th in UK, Europe and points eastward.
The Moon is in Leo to make a conjunction with Venus and Mars as the planet of attraction and the planet of aggression reach the conjunction aspect at 19 degrees Leo. While the new Moon in Cancer is in the Moon’s sign, the Venus – Mars conjunction aspect is in the sign ruled by the Sun. This indicates that there is a phase of greater understanding and compatibility between all genders and humanity, and presents an opportunity to evolve.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday July 7th — The positive attributes of the Moon in Gemini are brought out with the Moon’s sextile to Mars in Leo and semisextile to the Sun in Cancer. This could indicate that we are on the verge of a reset that began with the radical aspects of the past weeks.  Saturn in a square aspect to Uranus and Mars in an opposition aspect to Saturn. With the Moon transit of Mercury today, adjustments are made to bring closure of the families of those perished in the collapse of the condo in Surfside, for example, and other tragedies around the world. The Moon is square aspect to Neptune in Pisces immediately before the conjunction aspect with Mercury, then reaches a quincunx aspect with Pluto retro in Cap. Every fate must be accepted, however difficult, as a reorganization is underway. Venus in an opposition aspect to Saturn in Aquarius and in a trine aspect to Chiron indicating a flow of support for those affected.

Thursday July 8th — The Moon ingress to Cancer makes a trine aspect to Jupiter retro in Pisces.  A reset is underway, that may be also felt personally, as a new era seems to have dawned, an era of greater accountability for climate change and the necessity for a refocus under the current administration in the US and throughout the world. Venus in Leo is approaching a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, disposed of by Venus, Venus is disposed of by the Sun in Cancer, disposed of by the Moon. The new Moon in Cancer, the Sun and Moon conjunction aspect, on the 9th or 10th of July is the culmination of the will to reset and reaffirm the approach to world unification in the face of climate change and social inequities. The end of violent conflicts between nations is also a high priority.  

New Moon in Cancer
July 9-10 2021

Friday July 9th — The new Moon on the east coast US is just after 9pm, adjust for time zones to PDT at 5pm, although after midnight in Europe and the eastern half of the globe. Preparations continue at all levels as the world adjusts to current issues and realities. Complex negotiations are underway. The new Moon in Cancer is the sign of parental responsibilities and the homeland. This allows for a reset of nations, institutions and personal focus. Ceres in Taurus and in a sextile aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces, as the interests of youth adjust to systemic renovations. Venus approaches the conjunction aspect to Mars in Leo, semi-sextile to the new Moon degree in Cancer.

Saturday July 10th — The new Moon is fully experienced as a reset in orientation, a culmination of adjustments since the turn of the millennium, bringing us to today. Venus is separating from the square aspect with Uranus, as issues of violence to women, minorities and children are forefront of the new morality. Domestic violence, attacks on minorities are prosecuted in greater numbers. Venus approaches the conjunction aspect with Mars in Leo. Male supremacy is equated with a violent past. A new morality must emerge.

Sunday July 11th — The Moon ingress to Leo is in mutual reception with the Sun in Cancer an effect similar to a conjunction, as the reset continues in strength. Later in the day, the Moon in an opposition aspect to Saturn in Leo. Reconciling with the past allows for a changed focus. Saving the planet and our humanity requires consciousness. Personal tests are challenging. A trine aspect to Chiron lends support while a square aspect of the Moon to Uranus in Taurus challenges readiness. As Venus approaches the conjunction aspect with Mars, the Moon approaches as well. The Mercury ingress to Cancer is overnight, with thoughts of self-protection.

Monday July 12th — The Moon transits the VenusMars conjunction in Leo today, seeming to meld the harsher attributes of Mars with a softer but more aggressive Venus. We are learning to live together and the enjoy the good things in food and entertainment, emerging with more creative enjoyment of life.

Tuesday July 13 — The Venus-Mars conjunction aspect continues today, as the Moon moves into Virgo and an opposition aspect to Jupiter in Pisces and a sextile aspect to Mercury in Cancer. Repair activities are in answer to the universal appeal and for the rebuilding and construction of a safer homes, communities and world. Sun in Cancer is doubly approaching a trine aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces, as we discard the old unworkable features that are now obsolete.   

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July 6, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

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