A Sagittarius Journey — November 24-December 1 2021


Mercury ingress to Sagittarius on Wednesday, with a conjunction aspect to Ketu, followed by a conjunction aspect to the Sun on Sunday and Monday. The Moon ingress Leo at 10:00 AM (CST) on Wednesday, and is in opposition aspect to Saturn in Aquarius after midnight. The opposition aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius is on Friday morning (US time zones). The Moon transits from Leo to Virgo on Sunday and ingress Libra on Monday. The Moon in Virgo on Sunday trine aspect to Venus in Capricorn and makes an opposition aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces. Neptune turns direct late in the afternoon on Tuesday, or Dec 1st in the eastern hemisphere.

Summary of Major Aspect of the Week

Wednesday November 24th — As Mercury ingress to the mutable fire sign Sagittarius, sorting out the implications of recent events, as communication becomes charged with political discussions. The Moon ingress to Leo is trine aspect to Mercury, as they both ingress fire signs. Dramatic presentations have the power to change minds. Family and community outreach help those who are homeless for the holiday.  Venus in Capricorn and in a sextile aspect to Mars in Scorpio invites harmonious relations. The Moon trine aspect to Chiron overnight, with a possible refulgence of afterthoughts and analysis, presenting various options. Mercury in a conjunction aspect with Ketu in Sagittarius, eliminates the negative.  Strive for forgiveness to eliminate enmity. The Moon trine aspect to the Sun in Sagittarius imbues the day with comradely vibes.

Thursday November 25th —   The Moon in Leo is square aspect to Uranus in Taurus early today, two fixed signs in conflict. Once we are close, there can be disagreements. The power to convince others to change minds is limited. The Moon opposition aspect to Saturn overnight in the Americas, early in the day in the eastern hemisphere, could solidify opinions, as people tend to project rather than own emotions. Keeping opinions to oneself despite the agitation, helps keep the peace. It may be possible to transcend a difficult situation. The Moon in a quincunx aspect to Venus later in the day, helps to provide a lighter approach, and a bit of humor. The Moon is also in a square aspect to Mars in Scorpio, adding a bit of dark humor as well, to avoid open conflict. Relationship issues may be brought into the open.   Mercury in a conjunction aspect with Ketu retro encourages release of unworkable relationships, or issues in relationships.

Friday November 26th — The Moon in Leo is in an opposition aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius, and quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn in the morning hours, US time zones, afternoon in Europe and the Middle-East, evening hours in Australia and the Far-East. This could be a few hours of relaxation and enjoyment of company or the after thoughts of recent social gatherings. Pluto in Cap represents the unconscious awareness of limits imposed by government policies. Saturn in Aquarius is in a sextile aspect to Chiron retro in Aries, applying wisdom to the limits on free associations. Venus continues to apply to the sextile aspect with Mars, indicating attractions that may bud into a new relationship. A cautions approach is best as there are issues to work out. Mercury in Sadge approaches the conjunction aspect with the Sun, disposed of by Jupiter. Thoughts are consumed by the relationship, empowering commitment. The Moon ingress to Virgo indicates a concern for practical matters. 

Third-quarter Moon
November 27, 2021

Saturday November 27th —  The third quarter Moon today with Moon in Virgo and Sun in Scorpio, presents a conflict, a difficulty in relations, as Mars moves ahead of the sextile aspect with VenusVenus slows in forward transit, in the pre-shadow phase of the retrograde that begins in mid-December. Issues that cannot be worked out are put on hold. Mars in Scorpio approaches the trine aspect with Neptune retro in Pisces, as the obligations of commitment seem overwhelming. The Moon’s role, the feminine principle is pivotal, as the morning Moon in Virgo is the focal point of a T-square configuration with Ceres retro in Gemini in opposition aspect to Sun and Mercury in Sadge, also the focal point of a Yod configuration, as the Moon in a square aspect to the Sun as also quincunx aspect to Saturn in Aqu and Chiron retro in Aries. Chiron and Saturn are in a close semi-sextile aspect. It is a crucial time for working on relationship issues.

Sunday November 28thMercury and Sun conjunction aspect in Sagittarius denotes a sense of adventure with a search for wisdom at its core. As the New Moon eclipse approaches on December 3-4th, preparations are now made, instinctively, for a shift in awareness, a psychological shift in personal outlook, that also affects the motivation for life development. The Moon in Virgo is trine aspect to Venus in Cap and sextile aspect to Mars in Scorpio early today, and then opposition aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces. You may be able to pull back from the brink of denial and rejection, with a greater appetite for the future, while Neptune slows and prepares to turn direct on December 1st.

Monday November 29th — The Moon makes the ingress to Libra early today, as Venus in Capricorn is sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces and sextile aspect to Mars in Scorpio. Venus in Capricorn, the ruler of Libra, wants to be fair, but in Cap will protect her own interests. This puts limits on emotional responses, and overtures of indulgence.  A choice may be difficult if you are vacillating between love and will, or awaiting an answer to a proposition. The Moon is sextile aspect to the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, and trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, also in an opposition aspect to Chiron retro. If you can adapt to limitations, the resolution is within reach.

Tuesday November 30th — The Moon in Libra makes a square aspect to Venus in Capricorn, as sympathetic overtones accompany a probable separation. The Moon is trine aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius later in the day with a simultaneous quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Pledges of support are made for a difficult fate on the road ahead. The Sun in Sadge, sextile aspect to Saturn in Aqu, works to resolve difficulties.  Neptune reverses direction in apparent motion, increasing faith and spiritual well-being in a trine aspect to Mars in Scorpio.  

I recommend watching Nadiya Shah on YouTube for the week of November 21-27th for insight on Sagittarius and a spiritual life journey.

Have a safe week.

Reminder: While lunar aspects are in effect only for only a few hours, the aspect of the outer planets can last days and weeks. I post a reading for a day in advance in order to give a preview, and also because the aspects may be in effect a day earlier.

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November 22, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

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