A Resolution Needed — April 20-27 2022


Despite best efforts, humanity is being dragged deeper into the quagmire of Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter’s conjunction with Neptune did not result in a successful resolution, but seemed to magnify the horrors. Religious leaders, customarily slow to comment, have denounced the invasion of Ukraine, while Putin has found an ally in Assad, and Syrian fighters are being sent to resupply the thinning ranks of the Russian forces. The Sun now in earthy Taurus with a stellium in Pisces, the water sign that dissolves, prepares for a re-birth. The Moon transits from Sagittarius on Wednesday to Pisces on Tuesday, making conjunction aspects to Pluto in Cap, Saturn in Aquarius then joining the stellium in Pisces. The 3rd quarter Moon aspect on Saturday with the Moon in Aquarius is empowered by Mercury in Taurus square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius as well as the square aspect from the Moon to the Sun. While Jupiter is separating from Neptune in Pisces, it remains disposed of by Neptune, giving a strong sense of dispersion, as finances do not recover, and lives are lost due to war and Covid-19. Recovery is more likely, as Jupiter moves away from Neptune, and ingress to Aries on May 11th. The Sun in Taurus is approaching the sextile aspect to Mars in Aquarius, which could be a calming influence, although will not become partile until May 4th. Venus approaches the conjunction aspect with Neptune also on Wednesday the 27th. Many details need to be worked on this week with many semi-sextile aspects.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday April 20th — With the Sun ingress to Taurus, the Spring season is official. The Moon in Sagittarius makes a square aspect to Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces in the morning hours (US time zones) late afternoon in Ukraine. The heart of the conflict is breached. Resistance remains strong, with reinforcements arriving. A disconnect between reports from rivals. The Moon in then sextile aspect to Saturn, placing limits, as humanitarian needs are dire. Venus in Pisces is sextile aspect to Mercury in Taurus. Mars in Pisces completes the stellium, with a focus on the issues of powerlessness. Religious observance of major importance set aside time for contemplation. Formerly affiliated with the Russian Orthodox, some congregations are severing ties. The Moon is in an opposition aspect to Ceres in Gemini early in the day, drawing on the abhorrence of destruction of the earth.

Thursday April 21st — The Moon in Capricorn is trine aspect to the Sun in the early morning (US time zones), and then sextile aspect to Mars in Pisces a few hours later. Concern for the environment is followed by some efforts such as tree planting, gardening and photography. The beauty that exists is ephemeral. The Moon transits to a square aspect to Chiron in Aries and trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, as destruction continues despite the wisdom of cessation.

Friday April 22nd — The Moon in Capricorn is in a sextile aspect to Venus in Pisces early in the day, and trine aspect to Mercury in Taurus. Perhaps a lull in bombings, or a new initiative for a cease fire, with a quincunx aspect to Ceres in Gemini. The Moon makes sextile aspects to Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, indicating more efforts to reach an agreement. Concessions must be made on both sides. 

Third-Quarter Moon
April 23, 2022

Saturday April 23rd — The Moon transits the conjunction aspect with Pluto in Capricorn in the morning hours, for a possible shift in position of the dominating forces, a court ruling or ultimatum. The 3rd quarter Moon phase is reached by noon in Ukraine, Europe and the Middle-East, with the Moon at 3 deg Aquarius square aspect to the Sun in Taurus, two fixed signs, each firm in their stated positions. Saturn in Aquarius approaches the semisextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces, exerting pressure to limit destruction on humanitarian grounds, while Chiron in Aries and semi-sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus, appeals to higher judgment, and Ceres in Gemini confers with Mercury in Taurus to save the future of the planet. Ceres approaches the trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, indicating appeals to a world court to prevent further destruction. Mercury is square aspect to Saturn while Venus in a square aspect to Ceres, indicates harsh responses to appeals.

Sunday April 24thMercury in Taurus is square aspect to Saturn, reaching partile as the Moon transits in conjunction aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. Ukraine has been under attack for two months. International efforts are made to stop the war. The Moon/Saturn conjunction is also semi-sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces, while Mercury is sextile aspect to Neptune. Neptune is the focus, the final dispositor and represents the destruction and the salvation, as the future will never be the same. Humanitarian instincts will prevail, as new limitations and laws are made to curb the future would-be conquerors.

Monday April 25th — The Moon ingress to Pisces this morning, joining the stellium, and makes a sextile aspect to the Sun in Taurus, as delusions of grandeur afflict leaders on either side of a conflict. A prisoner or land swap may be in the offing. The Moon in a conjunction aspect with Mars in Pisces follows. Threats that are made will not be carried out. A conflict of personal egos, each represents a cultural vision, one with a will to devour a nation and a people, to put it bluntly. A strong faith must carry us on.

Tuesday April 26thVenus approaches the conjunction aspect with Neptune, as the Moon transits the pair, then brings the conjunction aspect with Jupiter into effect again. With 4 planets in earth signs now, more practical measures are employed. There is no end to a conflict if both sides are unwilling to change demands. A resolution depends on good will. Venus may be the offer that starts the process to a resolution or, on the other hand, the poison pill could succeed in the same. As the Moon transits Neptune and Jupiter, some relief is felt in the midst of destruction.

Have a good day, and thanks for reading this astrological view.

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April 19, 2022
Jerusalem, Israel

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