A Quiet Revolution — March 10-17 2021


The stellium in Aquarius is followed by a stellium in Pisces on Thursday, as the Moon transits into Pisces in preparation for moving beyond the pandemic. The Sun is in a conjunction aspect to Neptune in Pisces, a very strong stellium as both the Sun and the sign ruler (Neptune) are in Pisces. More people are willing to take the vaccination against the Covid-19 disease when results are promising. The New Moon in Pisces on Saturday signifies the hopes and fears for the new cycle. Personal experiences are considered as remedies are proposed. The Moon in Aries leads to initiatives, as a re-orientation is underway in national and personal experiences. Mercury ingress to Pisces Thursday to re-form the stellium. Ceres in a conjunction with Chiron in Aries brings fresh planning and new growth. The Moon is conjunct Uranus in Taurus on Tuesday as the economy is reinvigorated, humanitarian issues reassessed. 

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday March 10th — The Moon in the Aquarius stellium makes a conjunction aspect with Jupiter early today (EST) and moves on to a conjunction aspect with Mercury by late afternoon. The Sun supersedes Neptune in Pisces. When suffering is exposed as real, how can it be healed? Moon and Venus in Aquarius semi- sextile to Neptune/Sun, for universal understanding. Chiron in Aries is semi-sextile to Uranus in Taurus could indicate that understanding brings change. As a new era is slowly dawning, a post-pandemic era, now is the time to re-invent our lives and relationships.

Thursday March 11th — The Moon ingress to Pisces early today, to make a stellium in Pisces with Sun, Neptune and Venus. Sensitivities are awakened; suffering and wrongs are further brought to light. Venus semi-sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius expands awareness of the plight of the disadvantaged. The world has been brought closer together with the universal experience of the pandemic.

Friday March 12th — The Moon in Pisces transits to the conjunction aspects with Venus and Neptune, drawing the three together for an exceptional time of transformational unity. Ceres in a conjunction aspect with Chiron in Aries gives traction to the goals of the younger folks, seeing ambition and opportunity united. Mars in Gemini is the dispositor of Chiron and Ceres, as we begin initiating plans for our futures.

New Moon
March 13, 2021
Washington, DC

Saturday March 13th — The New Moon in the Pisces stellium (see image above) favors a release of energy that is transformational and/or spiritual. At the same time, a new beginning is formed. The New Moon is the seed moment of the new cycle. In Washington, DC, USA, the sign Aquarius is on the ascendant in the New Moon chart, while the stellium in Pisces is intercepted in the 1st House (Placidus House schemata) with Mercury conjunct the ascendant; the germination of plans awaiting implementation. The New Moon is trine aspect to President Biden’s Sun-Mercury in Scorpio.  Biden’s agenda is having a profound effect. The Economic Relief bill that is signed this week opens a new chapter in the wealth distribution in the nation. The pandemic is a unifier, as death does not regard wealth or age. Everyone is vulnerable in some way.  The Moon transits to ingress Aries early in the day (nighttime in the eastern hemisphere), for initiatives and a new journey to begin. Venus in a conjunction aspect with Neptune in Pisces indicates growth in humanistic empathy.   

Sunday March 14th — The Moon in Aries is in a conjunction aspect to the Chiron and Ceres conjunction. Now is the time to implement those futuristic plans, with a more level playing board. Care for the planet, for ecology, must be considered in this new creation. The wisdom gleaned from experience, as the outlook for the future inspires imaginative ideas. Mars in Gemini is the dispositor, as leadership conquers the old and implements the new with Venus and Neptune conjunction aspect in Pisces.

Monday March 15th — The Moon in Aries is in a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius, as opportunity to implement initial ideas is present. Debts can be reduced or eliminated.  Mercury ingress to Pisces continues the stellium formation with renewed interest in rescue and relief of the immigrants and migrants. The Moon in a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn occurs overnight when radical ideas are reduced to rubble.

Tuesday March 16th — The Sun in Pisces is sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, directing energy to repair the fallen cities. The Moon in Taurus transits Uranus late in the day, also semi-sextile to Chiron and Ceres in Aries and semi-sextile to Mars in Gemini. As the dispositor of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, Mars promotes revolution as a precursor to transformation. The waves of change encircle the globe.  

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March 9, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

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