A Profound Awakening – June 17- 24 2020

Profound cultural transformations occur very rarely. Hypocrisy cannot exist in a world trying to achieve justice. The rejection of discrimination based on skin or ethnicity has defeated racism in our time. The hard part is to make it work on the practical everyday lives of all citizens.  Pluto and Jupiter in a conjunction aspect in Capricorn with retrograde interactions represent profound events. Jupiter’s role is to work for justice, while Pluto’s role is dual – impelling us to reach deep to overturn the old and then galvanize the new. Mercury in Cancer turns retro overnight on the 14-15th of June, as Mars in Pisces is sextile aspect to Jupiter and Pluto in Cap. And the Moon trine aspect to Jupiter and Pluto. The New Moon coincides with the summer solstice on June 21st, as the Sun moves into Cancer, the cardinal water sign. Both Venus and Mercury are retrograde for about 7 days from June 17 until June 25.  Venus turns direct on Jun 25th.  During this time, a lot of introspection and meditation leads to a healthy recovery and awakening to the higher values we are capable of achieving. While taking precautions against the spread of the covid-19 disease, we are working through attitudes that need changed to align with a new consensus as an internalization of the events must take place.

Wednesday June 17th– The Moon in Taurus is sextile aspect (60 deg, friendly) to Mercury in Cancer, as Mercury stations (before changing directions a planet seems to be stationary) before reversing apparent motion from our vantage point on earth it appears to move in a reverse direction in the ecliptic.  The natal US Sun is at 13 deg Cancer. Mercury contacting the US Sun influences the national narrative, the interaction and public discussions of the nation, which seems to be at a turning point. Mars in Pisces approaches a sextile aspect with Pluto retro in Capricorn, revealing unconscious motivations, such as inherent historical discrimination. How it manifests is becoming clear – lifted into the conscious minds of the citizens. As we maintain social distancing, social interactions stand out in the mental images in high relief. Efforts to purge the injustices and prejudices from legal and formal interaction begin with Jupiter approaching a conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) with Pluto in Capricorn. The opportunity for healing and self-understanding is inescapable.

Thursday June 18th – The Moon in Taurus is trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Jupiter in Capricorn as the social mood of introspection continues. Forced to be introverts, to some degree, as personal loss, personal memories are dredged up with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) now standing just one degree of separation. Mars in Pisces seeks the collective memories, the personal joy and pain that exists in the vacillating waters of the deep unconscious mind. The Moon ingress to Gemini late in the day, and transits to a conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) to Venus retro before the end of the day. Dreams overnight or daytime chats, depending on location could be revealing.

Friday June 19th – The Moon in Gemini is sextile aspect (60 deg, helpful) to Chiron in Aries, and semi-sextile to Uranus (30 deg, nudge) while the Moon and Mercury are in mutual reception as they dispose of each other. Neptune is a final dispositor as it is in its domicile Pisces. It disposes of Ceres and Mars as well.  Chiron is disposed of by Mars, and Mars in turn is disposed of by Neptune. Neptune is inspiration that presages scientific studies that uncover important findings relevant to health issues. Jupiter is less than one degree from a partile conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) with Pluto, and becoming stronger in efforts to rectify the past.  The Sun in Gemini is in a conjunction aspect with Rahu (north lunar node- dragon head), as we reach beyond the limitation of current knowledge.

New Moon eclipse
Summer Solstice
June 20-21st 2020

Saturday June 20th – With both Mercury and Venus retrograde, in some respects it feels like our moment in history is regressing, even as we search for a way forward. The interests of the past, the motivations of explores and founders, conquers and warriors are rejected for the universal values we now wish to embrace. Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn reveal, churn up, and revolutionize the issues that coalesce to give a moral standing that advances humanity. The Sun reaches the 0 degree of Cancer– the summer solstice –  and New Moon eclipse overnight US times, early morning in the East (see above image).  We must dissolve the past and right the wrongs before we can move forward. Saturn at 0 deg, and retrograde in Aquarius, is quincunx aspect (150 deg, creative) to the solstice degree in Cancer, as an awakening to higher values seeks stability in a consensus.   

Sunday June 21st –  Transiting forward, the Moon in Cancer past the conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) with the Sun at the eclipse-solstice point makes a semi-sextile (30 deg nudge) aspect with Venus in Gemini, and a few hours later encounters a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Chiron in Aries, and a sextile aspect (60 deg, friendly) with Uranus in Taurus. This is followed by a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Ceres in Pisces. With breaking new ground, the conservative reaction is not confirmed by the younger generations and those more in tune with the progressive mode in legal and moral standards.

Monday June 22nd – The Moon’s conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) with Mercury retro in Cancer early in the day gives a voice to reactionaries, although the trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Neptune that follows a few hours later continues the compassionate attitude, and could overwhelm rejectionists. The Moon in an opposition aspect (180 deg, polarized) to Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn gains support for traditional views, even as the traditions are transformed, bringing into open conflict a new order with the values of the past.

Tuesday June 23rd – The Moon ingress to Leo early in the day stands in opposition aspect (180 deg, polar) to Saturn retro in Aquarius. Saturn is the old ruler of Aquarius, while Uranus is the modern ruler. Saturn may limit the application of rulings, although a chasm has opened in the social norms of acceptable police behavior. The JupiterPluto conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) is a symbol of the new ways that Saturn in Aquarius would help to standardize in the future. Saturn returns to Capricorn on July 3rd, staying in its domicile until mid-December, as legal matters are reviewed and reformed. The Sun and Moon are in mutual reception, each in the other’s domicile, working through and internalizing the outcome of the recent events for personal as well as universal awakening to a new moral standard.

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June 16, 2020

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