A Grand-Trine Leads to Power at the Equinox – March 20 – 27 2019

A look at the astrological configurations for March 20th reveals that there is co-ordination and ease of progress for earth elements, as The Moon in Virgo is trine to Mars in Taurus also is in a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.  This grand-trine, involving the three earth elements allows for rapid advancement in growth on the physical plane, health issues and material gains are attainable. Order prevails with a sense of unity. The Sun enters Aries for a full Moon at the equinox. Joyfulness is attained, while power is diminished. As the Sun moves into Aries in the afternoon and evening hours, intentional correct actions further unity.  Power for the sake of power alone is degenerative. Mindfulness includes correctness and allows for advancement of all concerned. On the 25th there is a Sun-Moon trine aspect in fire signs, allowing for rapid progress in developing issues.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Spring Equinox
March 20, 2019

Wednesday March 20th – The Moon transiting Virgo is in an opposition aspect (180 deg, tense) to Neptune and then Mercury retro early today, as we seek to avoid or add pressure to the disarray, preferring order to disorder. Resolving conflicts as Mercury is the dispositor of the Moon, is the intention of emotional intelligence. The Moon trine (120 deg, flowing) to Mars in Taurus instructional actions help to shift group intentions away from disorder as Mars is in a trine aspect to Pluto.  The Moon trine to Pluto in Capricorn helps to direct goals toward unifying principles. Pluto is disposed by Saturn in Capricorn working for a unifying consensus. While the grand-trine in earth can be limiting, working primarily for a goal (Mars) for the majority (Pluto), and thus working for a negative force. Venus in Aquarius is in a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Mars, putting a check on unbridled power.  Venus in Aquarius is sextile aspect (60 deg, friendly) to Jupiter and Pluto at the midpoint also holds the Pluto energy (officials in power) accountable.  The Full Moon aspect late in the day (US times) or midnight and morning in Europe and Asia, just after the equinox as a symbol of spring season and the awakening of consciousness – regeneration of earthly powers, revitalizing a shared experience promotes global unity.

Thursday March 21st – The Sun in Aries is conjunct (0 deg, combining) aspect to Chiron allowing for wisdom to guide intentional actions, as the Moon moves forward in Libra, searching for balance. Venus in Aquarius is in a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Sag, as the two benifics working together are able to formulate policies as Pluto is at the midpoint and therefore more compliant. Venus supersedes the square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Mars, as Mars supersedes the trine aspect to Pluto and the quincunx aspect (150 deg, complex) to Jupiter. Absolute power is restrained by social and political conventions, as Saturn slowly approaches the conjunction with Pluto. The shadows of the future cast on the present, as the conjunction will occur partile in January 2020. 

Friday March 22ndMercury retro approaches the conjunction (0 deg, combining) aspect with Neptune in Pisces, while the Sun in Aries is conjunct Chiron, allowing us to sort fact from fiction. The Moon in a square aspect to Pluto approaches a trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Venus in Aquarius and a sextile (60 deg, helpful) to Jupiter in Sag, as the more enlightened and progressive power for political and social change take a direct action against the overly controlling Pluto in Cap. Invested power in government must relinquish some authority it has assumed. The Moon and Jupiter are in a quincunx aspect (150 deg, complex) to Mars in Taurus, while Venus, the dispositor of the Moon and Mars, is square aspect to Mars. Aggressive Mars is constrained thereby, with political and legal means. The Moon ingress to Scorpio later in the day, in an opposition aspect (180 deg, tense) to Uranus in Taurus.  Poison may be drawn today, touching off explosive issues.

Saturday March 23rd – While Venus’ aspects to Mars and Jupiter are superseded, Mercury retro conjunction (0 deg, combining) aspect to Neptune in Pisces approaches partile. Pluto moves to a conjunction aspect with Ketu, as past records are impacting the power of regenerative issues. The release of information that is overpowering is imminent. You may take the time to review old records and photographs, or just discard accumulated papers and items no longer needed.  

Sunday March 24th – The Moon in Scorpio is in a trine aspect (120 deg, flowing) to Neptune and Mercury retro in Pisces early today, as we reminisce on times past (water sign aspects), and in a sextile aspect (60 deg, friendly) to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, deepening interest in reforming health care institutions, or government offices. Later in the day, the Moon makes an opposition aspect (180 deg, tension) to Mars, that could lead to conversations that are emotionally trying. The Moon then is square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Venus in Aquarius, as a possibility that power becomes diffused through mediation.

Monday March 25th – The Moon in fire sign Sagittarius today and forms a trine aspect to the Sun in Aries, we can feel an ease of action toward goals. Much repair work and cleanup to be done! Venus in Aquarius is approaching a semi-sextile aspect (30 deg, momentary gain) to Uranus in Taurus, an out-of-sign-aspect, that will reach partile when Venus moves into Pisces tomorrow. This is likely to show rapid advancements for women candidates for governmental office, attaining more wide-spread acceptance.  Slow moving Pluto is doubly-approaching a conjunction with Ketu (the south lunar node).  This transformative action accompanies a reduction of political power.  The Moon quincunx aspect (150 deg, complex) to Uranus accompanies creative gifts. Mercury retro semi-square (45 deg, disrupting) to Uranus couldstimulate action by triggering revolutionary announcements. 

Tuesday March 26th – The Moon is in a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Mercury retro and Neptune in Pisces early in the day, as political candidates (Moon in Sag) face endless questions about their proposals. The Moon forms semi-sextile aspects (30 deg, mildly favorable) to the planets in Capricorn (Saturn and Pluto) before moving to the conjunction aspect (0 deg, combining) with Jupiter later in the day. The semi-sextile lends respectability while Jupiter expands the media exposure.  Venus transits into Pisces as women navigate the campaign field. The Moon in a quincunx aspect (150 deg, complex) to Mars in Taurus as male candidates are scrutinized.

Have a successful week!

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March 19, 2019
Jerusalem, Israel

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