A Daunting Transforming Week – October 12-18 2016


As the Moon is in Pisces from Wednesday through Friday, this could be a time of shifting alliances, as well as a continued dissolution of boundaries.  Saturn in Sagittarius and as ruler of Capricorn is also the dispositor of Mars and Pluto puts the focus on political and governmental rules and leadership values. The Venus ingress to Sagittarius on the 18th of October is a calming effect in the political arena. More balance is sought after a week of vicious attacks and discontent.  The Sun in opposition to Uranus at the Full Moon on the 16th of October caps the week.  While world-wide attacks may predominate, the upsetting influence on the US election process is also strong. Safety should be a concern. There may be natural disasters, such as earthquakes to contend with. What seems especially noteworthy is that there are no planets in a position to balance the strong opposition between the Sun and MoonUranus.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday October 12th – The pressure to conform to public and professional expectations is evident, as the Mercury transit of Jupiter occurs overnight, and Mercury moves to a square aspect (90 deg –harsh) with Mars in Capricorn. Critical judgments are pronounced, as analysis is upsetting and harsh.  A sudden shift or transformation in political stance could also take place during the 2-3 days as Mercury and Jupiter are caught up in the MarsPluto aspect. Disavowing previous statements or claims under analysis are persistent factors, however. The Moon transits Neptune with a quincunx aspect to JupiterMercury in Libra, as attempts to undermine (Pluto) opponent’s actions and statements pervade the political and media environment (Saturn in Sag).  

Thursday October 13th – The Moon is sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, as work to remedy (Moon in Pisces) and reorganize (Pluto in Cap) positions, correcting statements and defending against opposition consumes the media (Saturn in Sag).  There is a square (90 deg – harsh) aspect to Saturn from the Moon, as reflections are directed at the established political process, while attempts to re-state and correct impressions continue. The world interest in the American political campaign and system puts the democratic process as evolved in the US to a test again indicated by Saturn in Sag and dispositor of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn.  As Trump represents a challenge to the established system, he espouses the view of disarray and reorganizing, whereas the traditional conservative view is one of the status quo.  

Friday October 14th – The lack of focus and attention to organized relations can cause disruption or actual violent words if not actions today. It could be an attempt to and destroy opposition as the Sun’s opposition to Uranus is in close range today, as words make an impact. The earlier trine (120 deg-easy) aspect from the Moon to Venus in Scorpio may promote optimism, although the transit into Aries later in the day could lead to more self-aggrandizement and boasting.  As the day progresses, the opposition (180 deg-harsh) aspect to Jupiter gives a false sense of security.

Saturday October 15th – The Moon opposes Mercury (180 deg –harsh aspect)and square to Pluto(90 deg harsh aspect) as a hailstorm in the media is set off, seemingly the tip of the iceberg, as Pluto represents the built up, hidden and powerful energy that is generally unseen.  It is the picture of a volcanic eruption, or iceberg that has unrecognized dangers. The repercussions of a melt-down politically or militarily in the Syrian conflict are potential dangers. Personal fortunes may be affected, perhaps through stock markets and world-wide economic systems. The stock market is often associated with Aries and Uranus in Aries is a volatile time. The tip of the iceberg leads to greater consequences.  Could it have been summed up in last Sunday’s debate?  That debate seems to have held indications of the Pluto as well as the UranusSun opposition.  I noticed this when I read about MR. Ken Bone and the reactions to his question, that opened the debate to issues that most concern American citizens, on Twitter. There are some very insightful posts on social media. The Phoenix was cited by one tweeter, as Mr. Bone seemed to arise in the midst of a disastrous debate. Indeed, the Phoenix is also a symbol of Pluto.

October 16, 2016 Full Moon

October 16, 2016
Full Moon

Sunday October 16th – With the power of the Full Moon (SunMoon opposition) the trine aspect (120 deg-easy) from the Moon to Saturn in fire signs could activate a grand trine configuration in people with planets in Leo, such as Hillary’s MarsPluto conjunction at 14 deg Leo, for example, that gives her such great stamina. Also, Trump’s natal chart Pluto at 10 deg Leo and Mars at 26 deg Leo. As they continue to compete and prepare for the 3rd debate. In the aftermath of the Full Moon, Mercury square to Pluto continues to produce shock waves, through all forms of media communication.  The Moon in Aries is quincunx Venus in Scorpio, perhaps a time of creative expression, through song or poetry, to release repressed feelings. By mid-day the Moon ingress Taurus, concerned with preserving immediate comfort to regenerate power.

Monday October 17th Personal finances and the creative use of wealth to publish or speech giving  is one signature of the Moon in Taurus quincunx to Saturn in Sag, and trine to the planets is Capricorn, Pluto and Mars. Leveraging financial resources is a strategy the candidates have to create, depend on and survive in spite of flaws in the campaign. The ability to survive crisis is another skill of the political mind-set (Mars conj Pluto in Cap), while carrying on in a higher mode than the opponent can be an advantage here. Not to implode, not to destroy, but to build up the country’s   pride and self-respect are great advantages for a political campaign.  Venus is in the last degree of Scorpio today as more appeals are made for contributions.

Tuesday October 18th – The Moon opposes (180 deg- harsh aspect) Venus in Sagittarius, moving into Gemini. While Mars and Pluto represent in conjunction some of the frustrations and inabilities to promote a campaign, the Moon trine to Jupiter would help to elevate a sense of joy and a celebration of good fortune. Certainly the air sign of Gemini allows for more freedom and experientially based understanding. Receptiveness and a feeling of lightness is generated today.  However, challenges remain. The opposition (180 deg – harsh aspect) to Saturn could bring setbacks and oppressive conditions remain. Mars and Pluto are with a close conjunction (0 deg – neutral aspect), and Mercury opposed to Uranus are signatures of conflict, possibly a reversal in fortunes with the Uranus factor. New revelations, open conflicts and world tragedies seem to rock the boat continuously. Jupiter quincunx Neptune in Pisces brings the need to share material wealth with the victims of natural disasters and to combat contagious disease (Neptune in Pisces).

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October 10, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel


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