A Cultural Divide at the New Moon – Week of July 11-17 2018

Significant astrological events are taking place this week; they are signposts for the future of each of us individually and collectively.  The actual arrangements of the physical planets and luminaries for the next 3-4 days shows that the personal planets, representing involvement in personal activities and inter-relationships are grouped together, while the heavier social and trans-personal planets are grouped together and retrograde, in signs opposing the personal planets.

So, we have the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Gemini moving into Cancer later today, to form the New Moon phase on July 13th, which is also an eclipse New Moon. Quite strikingly, Pluto opposes (180 deg, aspect) the degree of the New Moon on Friday this week. There is a tendency for the retrograde planets to be more inward, slower to act and perhaps more powerful when there is action. It is as though the planets were reflecting the power centers that are meeting this week to discuss the future roles of their organizations, and the diplomatic moves that they decide to coordinate.

Of note also,  is that Jupiter has returned to a direct (apparent) motion, while Venus enters the earth sign of Virgo. Relationships on an intimate, personal level are more analyzed and the subject of analysis in our everyday life, as well as in the social media we participate in. Scorpio does relate to our innermost self and personal relationships that we form, as the natural mating process that reproduces life. Jupiter will magnify and expand awareness, but as a social planet, and the ruler of Sagittarius, it tends to encourage the evolutionary process of the signs it transits through. Venus in Virgo is analytical, sometimes very selective and critical. Mars in Aquarius retrograde, tends to be detached. So, in the overall picture, sexual relations are evolving, and we are more likely to be detached in this phase of the evolution. Jupiter in Scorpio does not mean more sexual freedom, release of inhibitions, or socially accepted norms, unless that is indicated by Venus and Mars as well as other planetary situations. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, both retrograde, are indications of the remolding and reforming of a social and legal standards that define relationships. The World Health Organization (WHO) just a day or two ago, defined as a psychological disorder, compulsive and obsessive sexual behavior. We are focusing on this issue and for the world-wide culture it has a significant impact.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week


July 11, 2018
Jerusalem, Israel
4:00 PM

Wednesday July 11th – The Sun approaches the opposition aspect to Pluto retro in Capricorn. Each of us as an individual are more aware of the power of the collective to influence our personal life and status. Power can be oppressive. Nature can wrack havoc with storms and earthquakes, fires and floods. No one can feel immune from the forces of the collective. Another aspect today is Venus in quincunx  (150 deg, complex) to Neptune. Personal attitudes (Venus in Virgo) to the migrating families (Neptune) are more compassionate (Pisces). When families are separated by government policy (Pluto in Cap) and we see the suffering of innocent lives, this promotes an undercurrent for change.

Thursday July 12th – The Moon in Cancer is in a trine aspect to Jupiter early today, and moves to a trine aspect with Neptune a few hours later. This is then a grand-trine configuration in water signs. It is a time that we can recover emotionally from the stress of the past few days. Venus trine aspect to Uranus and then forming a trine aspect to Saturn is a grand-trine configuration in earth signs. We can move to reform and repair the ills, the damage from the storms and fires, and start to move on. We may have lost friends and gained new identities. We may have suffered financial loss, but gained in more respect for life and community at this New Moon in Cancer.

Friday July 13th – The early morning New Moon on this auspicious day brings a sense of elation. We have survived. We are looking forward to repairing the defects and the damages while getting more involved with socially correct-minded groups, as the Moon moves to an opposition aspect to Mars later in the day. While the Moon is called void-of-course for a few hours of the day, when initiating new projects would lack the necessary power to succeed, the Moon then moves into Leo for more creative and socially oriented actions. Ideas and imaginative endeavors gain strength.

Saturday July 14th – The Moon and Mercury combine in Leo today, as the only planets in a fire sign, except for the dwarf planet Chiron (or maybe it is after all an asteroid). We could plunge into pleasurable activity such as a sporting event, even as passive viewers. This serves as an emotional release from pressures and worries of the weekday activities.

Sunday July 15th – While the Moon travels on in Leo and then ingress to Virgo today, Mercury is left to form a quincunx aspect (150, complex) to Pluto. The analysis and reactions to the summit conferences of power leaders begin to formulate.  This could involve protest and outrage. This could also stimulate more creative responses that could have a possibility of being adopted by political and government leaders. As the Moon moves into Virgo, a grandtrine is again formed in earth signs. As this involves the revolutionary planet Uranus and Saturn as the power to conform, the implementation of protest actions becomes overwhelming.

Monday July 16th – The Moon in Virgo is sextile aspect (60 deg, friendly) to Jupiter in Scorpio today.  As personal achievement is maximized. Economic gain is likely. The Moon the is in an opposition aspect (180 deg, tension) to Neptune in Pisces. Charitable giving is one way to deduce the tension of the disconnect in social and personal life. Venus quincunx (150 deg, complex) Mars brings discord in relationships.

Tuesday July 17th –  With the Moon in a sextile aspect(60 deg, friendly) to the Sun early today in this opening crescent lunar phase, we may be able to find new hope and solutions to disagreements of the past few days. We advance to improve our personal relationships as the Moon then moves into Libra where we seek equality and balance in partnership. Mars retrograde in Aquarius is conjunct (0 deg aspect) to the south lunar node (ketu) as the past is re-examined in light of changing attitudes.  Jupiter in Scorpio pulls us into the movements for social reform.

Thanks for reading my forecast and have a good week.

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July 11, 2018
Jerusalem, Israel


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