A Crisis in Victory – Week of April 27-May 3 2016


With Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Saturn in retrograde phase, more problems are solved this week by exerting less pressure. The preparations have been made, and the issues are known. Now the situations of stress can be released, and there will be more resolution in many areas. Personal as well as social or universal issues can be thus affected. The tightened muscles can be relaxed for better results. Thus, one goes with the flow and feels more completion. Mercury also turns retrograde on the 29th, adding to a slower development and a new direction for long term projects. There could be reversals in financial matters, while brakes are applied in development of social and international affairs. The First Quarter Phase chart is displayed here, using the wide orb for the aspects (8-10 deg), we see Jupiter at the focal point, and the handle of a basket configuration, having an expanded influence, through the opposition to Neptune, strong in its own sign of Pisces. As part of a grand trine configuration in earth signs, Jupiter’s significance now and over the past several months has been very strong, however an influence that is quite muted, thus not making an obvious power display, yet strong in assurance that with Saturn and Mars as dispositors in Jupiter’s sign (Sagittarius), as the common man and woman that Virgo represents, gains influence – Jupiter symbolizes justice and expanded reserve power.  Jupiter is vested in the position of final dispositor, along with Venus and Neptune in this chart.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday April 27th – Creative actions, especially regarding solutions can be self-administered today.  The Sun in Taurus is approaching the quincunx aspect with Mars retro in Sagittarius (150 deg doubly approaching aspect) The Moon in Capricorn requires a standard both selective and efficient.  Mercury in Taurus forms a sextile (60 deg) aspect to Chiron in Pisces, a healing aspect, with application of knowledge for best results. The healer must be able to heal himself first. Neptune opposing Jupiter retro in Virgo, a very slow squeeze, perhaps to eliminate unwanted or destructive elements, to draw out support with a universal response to regain security or help to cure disease. In totality, or in pieces, the aspects of the day are working to overcome a weakness in the system. It could apply to personal as well as national or universal problems that have recently developed or a long term situations.

Thursday April 28thMercury in Taurus receives knowledge that is dispensed over the internet as electronic information (Uranus in Aries) gives professional advice to many who need services. Mercury quincunx to Mars, as the Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury today, advancement in practical matters can be rapid now, as issues resolve under less pressure. The Moon then is in a square aspect (90 deg) to Uranus later in the day, initiating a rapid response. In some cases there can be irritating or even unexpected results, which may be painful. Hopefully the disruptions experienced can be quickly remedies.

Friday April 29th – Although the Moon forms  a harsh 90 deg square aspect to Venus today, as Venus moves from Aries into Taurus and the Moon from Capricorn into Aquarius, the two orbs, the Moon and Venus, are compatible, thus the influence may be a bit stressful, but overall, could generate good feelings and beneficial results. Mercury in Taurus turns retrograde, possibly as some trends coincide.  The first quarter Moon later in the day, or early morning on Saturday, promotes resolution of crisis as the soli-lunar cycle develops. Personal values are examined in the light of changing realities. This might be an indication of a stock market plunge, but it is likely to recover quickly.

April 30, 2016 First Quarter Moon

April 30, 2016
      First Quarter Moon

Saturday April 30th – The Moon in Aquarius is quincunx (150 deg) Jupiter in Virgo, just four hours after  the 1st Quarter aspect with the Sun, then the Sun in Taurus is trine to Jupiter, as though accepting the resolution offered by the lunar aspect. Jupiter may represent the democratic process in its expansion, able to internalize in the retro phase, and continuing to play out the program offered by the Pluto related establishment and by tradition. The grand trine in earth signs is beginning to operate now, and with the Sun and Mercury doubly approaching in Taurus, the aspect completes in 10 days, leaving us with the final decision of the electorate (Jupiter).

Sunday May 1st – As the Sun and Neptune complete the sextile phase (60 deg) the influence on the individual (Sun) through dispersing (Neptune) messages through the media reaches a point of saturation. Influence through distortion of issues, through promotion of reputed personality traits, can be balanced through advantage to personal gain or loss. The resources allocated (Sun in Taurus) are expanded (Jupiter) to a political advantage and goal (Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius).  The Moon moves into Pisces later in the day, getting more into the emotional stew (Pisces) of the results (opposition to Jupiter).

Monday May 2nd – The Moon conjunct to Neptune, shows a release of energy, loss and/or justification for the resources, with a sextile to the Sun (in Taurus) also opposing Jupiter.   On the other side, a closer move to gain and success, as an important stage on the road to victory is reached. Square aspect to Mars and Saturn put the conflict in perspective, as political losses are realized.

Tuesday May 3rd – Our thoughts are given free expression, now, as some decisions have pushed away doubt (Moon in Pisces now sextile to Mercury) The Sun reaches the exact trine aspect to Jupiter, as awareness of elect-ability is now more open and above-board. Plans now are made to continue the process.  The way is cleared for greater power. The Moon moves into Aries (direct energy) to form a trine (120 deg) aspect with Mars (in Sagittarius), a congenial indication of success later in the day, as more victories are achieved.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading my notes. 

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April 26, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel


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