A Call for Justice at the Spring Equinox – March 15- 21 2017


We can breathe easier now that Jupiter retrograde and Uranus have separated to a significant degree (1.5 deg) however the two planets are still converging when they are brought together by transits. As the Moon completes the transit of Libra on March 15th, ingress to Scorpio is 3:12 pm GMT.  We are, however, dealing with the aftermath of the UranusJupiter conflict, the conflict between destroying the old and building the new, between radicalism and equality, between revolution and peace. We still move back and forth between the possible outcomes for the ages. Will we destroy the justice itself, or will peace be imposed as a form of radical government, democratically imposed? The questions resonate in a fractured society. The final opposition between Uranus and Jupiter in this decade is at the end of September 2017. Then Jupiter is direct and Uranus retro. It looks like a triumph for justice and a rebuke of aggressive methods to gain superiority. The MarsPluto trine aspect at the same time phase could be a greater universal acceptance, in the court of public opinion.   The personal choices remain in the efforts to gain the greater role of peace.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

March 15, 2017
Washington, DC Midnight

Wednesday March 15th – Many things happen around midnight in the US.  Early morning Twitter users are at work making use of the media to tweet a challenge or an unsubstantiated charge, as suits the hour and the platform. How demoralized can it get?  Does the POTUS have more power in a tweet than the power figure in the Kremlin has in a scowl? The midnight chart at the WH, shows a nervous scenario. The balance of power is undergoing a remarkable adjustment. While his aides are sleeping, the President tweets. That will prove that he is the one making the decisions. So tonight as the Moon transits Jupiter in Libra, the irresistible urge to tweet reaches the fingers of the Twitter in Chief. Uranus is opposed and Pluto at 19 deg Capricorn is at the focal point of the opposition, blended in effect by the transiting Moon.  The ability to upset the nation with only a simple thought, expressed so discreetly, and journalists will be writing lengthy analysis for a week or longer.  The signs involved are Cardinal (Aries, Libra and Capricorn), the sins are waiting to be exposed. The Mad Tweeter is at work.

Thursday March 16thVenus is retro at 10 deg Aries (aggressiveness), and that is trine (120 deg aspect) to Trump’s natal Pluto in Leo and in the 12th house (universal unconscious). Venus in Donald’s chart is conjunct Saturn in Cancer and the 11th house. (See chart at http://shoshananeshri.com) With his powerful Moon (relationships) in Sagittarius (he can choose and afford the beautiful import), opposing the SunUranus conjunction in Gemini (freedom of expression) as dispositor of the VenusSaturn pair in Cancer, the inhibited silent Venus (creativity suppressed) the tweeting is compulsive. The Scorpio Moon opposes Mars in Taurus this morning, an aspect of a suppressed opponent, although this could be a more secretive or invasive conflict.  Naming enemies gives them power to react, or deny allegations.  A back and forth exchange of threats or covert deeds can be the result. The Sun in Pisces square aspect (90 deg) to Saturn in Sag, is more likely to result in open battle, and may aggravate and expose the secretive war of words.

Friday March 17th – Venus and Mercury in Aries converge over the weekend, as more thought s and actions are turned into rapid exchanges. Venus retro is unhappy now, with Jupiter retro in Libra and approaching a square aspect (90 deg, harsh aspect) with Pluto in Capricorn  where force may be exerted to dispel secret alliances (Saturn square aspect to the Sun in Pisces).  Danger lies in too many commands and displays of anger. Arguments could display less cautious tongues, the Freudian slips of the unwary, eager to make a mark. The Moon in the declining phase makes trine aspects to Chiron and the Sun, as patching up actions, healing the wounded after a war of words or battle of force.

Saturday March 18th – Venus retreats with a retrograde motion in Aries, the dispositor of Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in Libra, the wounds may not be visible, yet the pain is deep. The Moon in Sagittarius will be trine the pair, Mercury and Venus retro in Aries, later in the day. Some philosophical or political spin adds to the stew. Sun in Pisces is square to Saturn as trust in the political process (Saturn in Sag) erodes (Sun in Pisces). Pisces is the sign of universal solvent, ruler of Neptune. Neptune in Pisces is at home and expressing qualities strongly. Boundaries are dissolved, borders are pores. This sign of universal evolution is contrary to the policies of the current US administration. Working against the tides of nature could produce a series of negative results.

Sunday March 19th – Regaining trust in the media, with the Moon in Sag trine aspect (120 deg) to Mercury in Aries, could require the exposure of hidden sources, leaving arguments unequivocal or mute. The Moon transit of Sagittarius, engages the press in exposing sources, with the trine aspect to Mercury and Uranus in Aries. This trine aspect could increase ease of energy flow for most of us, especially communication, with Mercury in Aries. Personal issues and more social issues could be involved depending on the natal chart houses and planetary positions. If you have and planets in Aries, for example, in the 6th house for example, work projects could now move forward benefiting you with this aspect. Venus retrograde could delay marriage or relationship issues could be re-assessed, especially in the 5th or 7th houses. The general reading is for a comprehensive view of the day’s events, so do not take it as a personal prediction for you.  

March 20. 2017
Spring Equinox

Monday March 20th – The Sun makes its ingress to Aries at the spring equinox today. The suspected connections and alliances are made clearer, as the explosive nature of political intrigues hits the markets.  The salacious nature of some of the reports could also enter into the media (Mars in Taurus), as no holds are barred in the exposure of the secret communications. The Moon enters Capricorn today, the cardinal earth sign, exercising more judgment, square aspect to the Sun in the final quarter of the lunar cycle, and will make a trine aspect to Mars in Taurus, as solid agreements are made.  A crisis in phase of the lunar cycle is towards closure.

Tuesday March 21st – The Moon in Capricorn is trine aspect to Mars and Ceres in Taurus.  This could indicate measures are taken to standardize costs, especially in health care (earth signs and Moon), as the vital needs of individuals is taken into consideration, possibly in new legislative measures. Venus and Mars are in mutual reception, highlighting interdependencies and holding invasive measures that are plaguing the nations. Pluto (power – plutocracy) in Capricorn square to Jupiter retro in Libra (90 deg harsh aspect) could bring the abundance of accumulated wealth (Jupiter) under more regulation (Capricorn). As Jupiter in Libra requires some balance and redistribution of wealth.

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March 14, 2017  
Jerusalem, Israel

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