A Battle for Power and the Limelight – Week of July 20-26 2016


The 2nd half of the lunation cycle, the waning Moon, begins right after the Full Moon this week on the Tuesday night.  Now is the time to build for the future.  With the Moon in Aquarius, opposing Venus and Mercury in Leo, as well as a sextile aspect to Saturn, the dreams could become more realistic. Uranus in Aries slows its forward motion, and will turn retrograde at the end of July. Saturn square aspect to Neptune will continue through the summer, as Saturn turns direct in Mid-august. With this aspect, hammering out legal or philosophical details remains an elusive goal.  The problems we face are never seen more clearly, as we organize to meet the challenges ahead.

Wednesday July 20th – With the Moon now in Aquarius, in the after-glow of the Full Moon phase, idealism runs strong. Venus in Leo is exactly trine to Saturn retro, so enthusiasm may overwhelm a realistic stance on legal matters. The motion to push aside roadblocks in the path to success, thus overlooking real problems, is favored as Venus is quincunx to Neptune. The Moon in opposition to Mercury the same day could indicate that standard bearers, spokesmen and women, are also inclined to accept a fanciful outcome, with an eroding backup plan.  

Thursday July 21st – The Sun in the final degree of Cancer  today, may lead us to cling to safe measures, avoid discord and move on to a more ideal future. We may just have hoped that we could see the future vision reflected in words and promises. We need to overcome our own incredulity to accept the improbable. Reaching agreements require flexibility. Venus is still quincunx Neptune and Mercury opposed by the Moon, as I noted yesterday.   



July 22, 2016 Moon in Pisces

July 22, 2016
Moon in Pisces

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Friday July 22nd – The Sun in Leo and Moon in Pisces is an awkward moment. One might ask: how can I let go of the past and look forward to a bright future? It is quixotic moment as new leaders are sought in the midst of violence promoting safety concerns, and distrust of security. Evolution requires that we forge the new out of the past.  Venus and Mercury in Leo can assist us to find enjoyment with sporting events or creative ventures. Meanwhile, Uranus in Aries continues to breakdown old boundaries and Saturn in Sagittarius helps to build a new contract for the new millennium. Erosion of old values (Neptune square to Saturn) persists.

Saturday July 23rd With the PiscesLeo emphasis today, we are still under the power of illusions or dissolutions. The contest between truth and unreality grows stronger as the day progresses, as the Moon in Pisces opposes Jupiter, practical-minded in Virgo.  Unrealistic dreams (Moon in Pisces) are tested by a critical analysis (Jupiter in Virgo). A quincunx aspect from Venus to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn allows for a creative transformation to begin. Beauty can sway hearts and minds. Is this the coronation we have expected? Yet, there is little cohesiveness, as other major aspects are lacking.

Sunday July 24th – The Moon enters Aries, as we are inclined to switch channels for a more active role as the Moon is trine the Leo Sun. Venus is still quincunx Pluto as incredulity continues on another level, as the Moon continues on its journey to form the trine aspect to Venus and Mercury in the coming week-days. There are few strong aspects today, as we focus on the entertainment offered, and on political grandstanding. Later, the Moon in Aries will form a trine aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius.  Thus, the three fire signs are working in harmony, accepting traditional forms of entertainment and enterprise.  

Monday July 25th – Tradition (Saturn in Sag) plays a vital role as the venues for power and magnetic attraction get underway.  The Moon trine to Venus is also in a harsh aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, the power organizer, the coveted positions that coalesce into political figure heads around the world. Transforming political icons is the creative role of Venus, the attraction of beauty to power yields various contestants. 

Tuesday July 26th – The Moon leaves Aries this afternoon, and enters the earth sign Taurus, when it is conjunct to the major asteroid Ceres. There is a glow for unity, although the square aspect to the Sun is challenging. Mercury in Leo is prone to blather, although the trine aspect to Uranus gives a forcefulness of ingenuity and while lacking tact, we may break through old positions. The quincunx aspect from Mercury to Chiron could add to the creative opportunity to involve a compassionate viewpoint.

Hope you have a great week!

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July 19, 2016

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