7 Steps to Secure the Future – Week of July 8-14 2015


GS_seal.refillMars in Cancer trine Neptune retro in Pisces, is an easy aspect, and in many regards, allows us to overlook the universal suffering, and focus only on self-achievement. It is easy now to focus on personal needs, while neglecting empathy for humanity as a whole. We have been enjoying Leo and its pleasures, with both Venus and Jupiter in Leo. The trine aspect to Uranus from Mars, gives us a daredevil streak, finding pleasure in danger and showmanship. Danger may be minimized in the minds of the actor.

As the Moon reaches the 3rd Quarter stage, there is a crisis in implementing hoped for achievements. Many are in situations at a crucial moment. Then, the Aries Moon blends with Uranus – an expression of extreme self-interest. By next Tuesday, the Moon and Sun in Cancer flank Mercury and Mars, the final day before the New Moon next week. Mars opposes Pluto, aggressive interaction and projection of blame onto an adversary, make this a dangerous time. While the Sun is square Uranus, active conflict could ignite powerful forces in opposition.

July 8, 2015 3rd Quarter Moon

July 8, 2015
3rd Quarter Moon

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Wednesday July 8th – The Moon squares Mars early in the day, putting us on edge or a display of raw feelings or moodiness. Mercury in the final degree of Gemini, as a flurry of dialog erupts, but can become more modest as Mercury enters Cancer, later in the day, taking on a more cautious hue. Late in the evening hours, US time, the Moon transits Uranus, as new ideas are promoted, inventions may be unveiled, electronic publications are promoted.

Thursday July 9th – While Cancer adheres to tradition, the Moon trine Jupiter in Leo increases motivation for creative ventures, and new directions. Unexpected gain, increase in spending for pleasure and enjoyment are likely under the current day’s expression. Easy gain and easy loss, as well as a need to fulfill destiny, such that hoarding can also create a pleasurable experience. Live for the day, but plan for tomorrow as well. A satisfactory agreement may be reached, giving rise to celebration.

Friday July 10th – The Moon in Taurus early today, shows a more grounded approach to negotiations. The Moon is in a sextile aspect to the planets in Cancer, as assistance in the field of security is sought. Assurances are made, as we combat a common enemy, fear itself. The provisions for security are underlined as the attempt to transform the endless needs, neutralize the fissionable materials (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto), and bring aspirations for peace to bear on the aggressive leaders of nations.

Saturday July 11th – Proposing a formula for a peaceful solution to international crisis as the Moon opposes Saturn in Scorpio, and square Venus in Leo, a tentative agreement could be formed. Peace (Jupiter and Venus in Leo) could be extracted only with a focused agreement (Saturn in Scorpio), through granting security needs and fulfilling basic conditions (Moon in Taurus). Thus, a happy state of affairs could be reached.

Sunday July 12th – The Moon in Gemini today, afternoon hours in Europe, gives Mercury and Mars a n opportunity for a slight boost to intense discussions. The Moon is the dispositor of the Sun, Mars and Mercury, as well. The Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer and so, increases the lunar influence for the planets posited in Cancer. Gemini is the natural sign of Mercury. It is the mutibleair sign, so that more dimensions are discussed in negotiations. Gemini disperses information, so that publication of results are to be expected.   The square aspect to Neptune, adds an emotional concern, or fears of rejection as well as non-inclusive elements. Gaps in accountability, questions of acceptability arise. If these concerns are addressed, we may get a go-ahead for the agreements to proceed.

Monday July 13th – As the Moon continues in Gemini today, representatives closely working with allies and foes alike, against the urgent threats that exist, continuing to put pressure on the parties involved, as the work must accomplish set goals. With Iran’s proxy army Hizbollah, fighting ISIS and perhaps vying for control of Hamas against ISIS, the region is heated up, under intense pressure and threatens a wider war. The Moon sextile to Uranus can be crucial for holding back the outbreak. Wider agreement is possible now, with the Moon sextile to Jupiter and Venus in Leo as well, holding a central position in the talks. Hoped for advances must, however be cautious at this point. The Sun in Cancer is the dispositor of Jupiter and Venus, and indicates the added caution necessary to prevent unbounded enthusiasm, that might spoil the efforts underway. The Sun is in a square (harsh) aspect to Uranus, pushing for reform. Venus. in a square aspect to Saturn, can dampen the mood. Wild expectations are tempered. Fears of loosing the game of peace are real, a battle that could determine the way our future unfolds

Tuesday July 14th – The Moon joins the trio of planets in Cancer as wider security concerns are dealt with. A rallying point is made, as Mars opposes Pluto, powerful forces threaten destruction on one another. The Sun trines Chiron, as wiser choices are necessary to win the war of peace. Wisdom is the result of pain and experience, and our past is not our future, if lessons have been learned. Saturn in Scorpio is the dispositor of Pluto, and can be the underpinning of caution.

The exciting and tense week brings us closer to the conclusion of another chapter of world history. Individuals are affected, as national economies and young men and women defending their nation, are directly involved. My hope is for peace, and a secure non-proliferation treaty among the nuclear powers. Such power should be dedicated to peaceful interests

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July 7, 2015

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