Facebook natal chart and US Natal chart compared

Facebook’s launch on February 4, 2004 was to become the major social media network on the Internet. Looking at the launch from an astrological viewpoint, we notice that the planetary contacts or aspects between the Facebook launch date and the official US founding date of July 4, 1776 complement one another in a profound manner. 

Facebook has propelled its founders to extreme wealth while offering to everyone in the world with an Internet connection the possibility of communicating to other users worldwide. Advertisers were able to reach customers worldwide. Another facet of the phenomena of worldwide participation was the gathering and storing of data about the users and a profile of personal preferences and online contacts. 

Below is the US chart, known as the Sibley chart which was rectified by Dane Rudhyar to the time of 5:13 PM Philadelphia, PN from the given time of 11PM GMT on the inner glyph and the Chart of the founding of Facebook on the outer chart. The House system used is Placidus, and the zodiac is Tropical. 


Facebook launch chart compared to US chart

                                                           Click on image to view enlarged

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